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Depyrogenation and Dry Heat Sterilization

MadgeTech’s depyrogenation data loggers can be used to monitor and validate dry heat sterilization cycles.
These  devices can also be combined with MadgeTech’s thermal shield or thermal  barrier system to extend the data logger operating temperatures up to  260 °C allowing for use in static or conveyor systems. User specified  reading rates allow for accurate and individualized overviews of the  process as needed for quality control.

The  rugged stainless steel design of MadgeTech’s dry heat sterilization data  loggers make them ideal for use in the ultra-high temperatures that are  required for adequately diminishing pyrogens for the effective  sterilization of goods.

Compatible with the  MadgeTech Data Logging Software, the collected depyrogenation cycle data  can be displayed to easily create validation reports.

Thermal Shield
For Extended High Temperature Monitoring
For applications above 140 °C, a thermal shield is available for most models of the HiTemp140 and HiTemp140-PT series data loggers. The thermal shield extends the operating temperature of the data logger, allowing it to be exposed to higher temperatures for a longer amount of time.
Flush and vented models are available to help provide probe protection.
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