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Process & Quality Control


Scales > For Retail

Stainless steel retail scales, perfect for use in shops and powered by battery.

Load plate protected from impacts and display, keyboard and printer mounted on sturdy column.

RS485 interface for connection with up to 4 scales in a local network.

20 operators, including 8 direct.

      • Double display (operator and customer side) white backlit LCD, alphanumeric.
                       Excludeable backlighting.
      • Double waterproof keyboard consisting of 27 PLU/functions membrane keys easily legible
                       thanks to the special pocket and 35 mechanics with adhesive protection.
      • Thermal printer 80mm/sec, suitable for normal thermal paper or self-adhesive Linerless paper
                        with 57mm width and max external diameter 50mm.
      • Print width up to 48mm.
      • Easyloading system, for easy paper loading. Logo printing function.
      • Stainless steel body, size 389x335x500mm (LxWxH).
      • Stainless steel plate 360x235mm (WxW).
      • 230Vac power supply with internal long-lasting rechargeable battery.
                    • Database of 3000 PLU's, 54 with direct access.
                    • 50 PLU groups.
                    • 600 ingredient lists.
                    • 9 VAT rates.
                    • 10 advertisement messages.
                    • Queue-system.
                    • 8 payment modes.
                    • 2 kinds of short and long term totals.
                    • 20 operators, including 8 direct.
                    • 3 programmable password levels.
                    • Operation mode: PLU priority, single item, multi-operator tickets.
                    • Weighing tare, operator tare, PLU tare, pre-stored and configurable tare.
                    • Reopening of the last operator ticket, discounts, rebates, cash management, customer management.
                                                          I/O SECTIONS
                                                          • 2 RS232 interfaces for connection to PC, modem, scanner, Helmac cash register.
                                                          • RS485 interface for connection with up to 4 scales in a local network.
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