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Metal Panels

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Tin  plate panels lithographed in black and white to measure the covering  power of powder coatings, paints, varnishes and other coatings.

These panels are manufactured using a neutral white, especially designed to resist high temperatures.

  • Dimension : 150 x 105 x 0,15 mm
  • Box of 150 units
  • The metal panels are supplied in cardboard boxes
  • All are supply with rounded corners for greater safety during handling and an Ø6 mm hole in the centre of the narrower edge.
They are other metal panels available for other applications on request :
  • steel panels
  • aluminium panels
  • panels for gradient oven
  • panels for abrasion "Taber"
  • Faraday box panels (to simulate cavity found in doors, drawers, wavy profiles...)
  • curve panels
  • sag flat panels
  • sag panels for powder coatings
  • panels for samples and colours charts
  • glass panels
  • polystyrene panels
  • polypropylene panels
  • polyvinyl chloride panels (pvc)
  • wood panels
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