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Test Specimens for Automotive Adhesives

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Test specimens for automotive adhesives

  • Aluminum 6016 (with a thickness of 1.25 mm)
  • Sheet steel grades DC06, DC04_HX420LAD+Z and DP600 Z140 on stock, further grades upon request
  • Galvanized standard quality DX54D+Z100, DX54D+ Z140,  DC04ZE50/50, DC04ZE75/75 (with a thickness of 0.8 mm); other grades upon  request
  • Higher-strength grades DP600+Z140 and HX420LAD+Z
  • Die-cast aluminum, magnesium and zinc in various alloys
  • Various steel or aluminum grades dimensioned for the impact test in accordance with ISO 11343

  • Laminated safety glass (LSG) and tempered safety glass (TSG)
  • Ceramically coated glass panes in windscreen and side window qualities Ferro 14251 and 14279

  • DIN A5-sheets or compression shear test specimens sized 100 x 25 x 3mm, made of pellets of your choice
  • Surface finishes: Structured, high-gloss, automotive graining as used by a wide range of car manufacturers
  • SMC cut to size with class-A finish

  • Metal sheets with painted finish in OEM quality as used by various car manufacturers
  • Cathodic-dip painted metal sheets in OEM quality, system BASF Kathoguard 500.
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