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Solar Box

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SOLARBOX  A family of two sizes and four models tabletop xenon test chambers
The sun you have always wanted: sunshine day and night for accelerated light stability and weathering tests.

SOLARBOX 1500 - 1500E
SOLARBOX 1500: entry level economical model 1500 Watt Xenon lamp with irradiance control.
SOLARBOX 1500 E: tabletop enhanced model small dimension chamber with  LCD display and 1500 Watt Xenon lamp, irradiance control, BST  temperature control and flooding option to simulate rain and moisture.

SOLARBOX 3000 - 3000E
SOLARBOX 3000: tabletop large  test chamber basic model with 2500 Watt Xenon lamp and irradiance  control.
SOLARBOX 3000 E: tabletop large test chamber enhanced model  with LCD

SunChex R.H.
Tabletop accelerated exposure test chamber for sun and weathering simulation equipped with 1500 Watt Xenon lamp.
The SunChex R.H. allows relative humidity control. Humidity is controlled by an ultrasonic device.

Solarbox 1500E RH - 3000E RH
SOLARBOX 1500 E R.H.:  self-standing, small light stability and weathering tester with Xenon  lamp 1500 Watt, irradiance, B.S.T temperature and humidity control at  breakthrough price.
SOLARBOX 3000 E R.H.: self-standing light stability and weathering  tester with Xenon lamp 2500 Watt, irradiance, B.S.T temperature and  humidity control at breakthrough price.

Radiant energy in the SOLARBOX is provided by a single superior air-cooled Xenon Lamp.
Irradiance is the rate at which light energy falls onto the samples.


SOLARBOX 1500/3000 standard versions include the following equipment:
  • timer and time elapsed meter for accurate control of test sequence
  • air cooled Xenon Lamp
  • rotary knob to adjust irradiance level
  • control system for constant irradiance
  • basic 290 nm. filter for maximum UV radiation effect.

SOLARBOX 1500e/3000e enhanced models are equipped with microprocessor control of irradiance, heat and flooding cycles, monitoring and controlling the test process:
  • microprocessor controls for programming the test parameters
  • LCD with 4 lines to display the test parameters and program menus
  • control and monitoring of irradiance and black panel temperature
  • optional measurement and display of temperature and relative humidity in the test chamber
  • free programming, up to 15 different test programs, input via keyboard
  • link-up with programmable flooding system accessories.
A weathering tester must control irradiance if it is to achieve accurate and reproducible test results.
SOLARBOX offers constant measurement and control of irradiance during every test, compensating for lamp and UV filter ageing via a closed loop irradiance narrow-band sensor control system.
Irradiation uniformity is guaranteed by a parabolic reflector chamber with the Xenon Lamp in the focus, the best design for a reliable flat-bed xenon exposure system and very good agreement with rotating drum xenon exposures.

Temperature is another component of the end use environment which plays a key role in material degradation.
Heat in the natural environment comes from the infrared portion of natural sunlight.
An object exposed to direct sunlight is always warmer than the air surrounding it.
Your product is exposed in the same manner in our SOLARBOX tester.

The radiant heat received from the Xenon Lamp is continuously monitored and controlled by a B.S.T. (Black Standard Thermometer) built in the plane of test panels near your samples.
In SOLARBOX 1500e and 3000e there is the control and display of the black standard temperature between 35°C and 100°C.
The importance of temperature in the weathering degradation process is that the kinetic reaction rate doubles for every 10°C temperature increase.
Consequently, because the temperature produces an accelerated ageing, it is essential to be able to control of B.S.T. during exposure to filtered Xenon radiation.

A flooding system for conducting weathering tests with freely selectable flooding interval is an available option for SOLARBOX 1500e and 3000e :
  • water level indicator
  • continuous flooding possible
  • flooding intervals selectable between 1 and 999 minutes throughout the test program
  • water temperature of 30°C to 50°C.
During flooding, the Xenon Lamp can be programmed on or off.
The flooding system operates with demineralised water from a closed recycling circuit so to minimize the need of demineralised water but offering the same test results of a high consumption spray system.
PVC and corrosion-resistant materials ensure long life of this tank pump system: capacity up to 50 litres.


The SOLARBOX1500-1500e and SOLARBOX 3000-3000e are 4 ultimate filtered Xenon light exposure and weathering instruments which simulate realistic natural outdoor weathering conditions.
The large dimensions of SOLARBOX 3000 and 3000e test chamber can accommodate 3 dimensional objects and finished industry products.
Accelerating the process requires the accurate reproduction of the sun’s rays.
The air cooled Xenon Lamp in the SOLARBOX replicates the total spectrum of the sun and not just the short wavelength UV, as we have using UVA or UVB fluorescent lamps.
Easily interchangeable light filters allow the reproduction of the specific spectral distributions found in your product’s end-use environments.
The available OPTICAL CUT-ON   FILTERS   limiting radiation of xenon lamp are:
  • Soda-lime  glass  UV  filter, extra  long  life,  to  simulate outdoor exposure.
  • Soda-lime  glass  UV  filter, extra  long  life,  to  simulate indoor exposure.
  • Soda-lime  glass  UV  filter, extra  long  life,  to  simulate outdoor exposure  with Infra Red reflection coating.
  • Soda-lime  glass  UV  filter, extra  long  life,  to  simulate indoor exposure  with InfraRed reflection coating.
  • Dedicated UV filter especially tailored for specifications on request.


The   UV   MULTIMETER   is   a  battery   operated radiometer and thermometer, specially developed for  use  with  the  SOLARBOX,  but  it  can  control the  output  of  any  UV  Lamp  in  many  industrial applications.
It is portable and together with its case, can easily be returned to the manufacturer (CO.FO.ME.GRA) for re-certification of calibration to an official national laboratory standard.

The     UV     MULTIMETER     measures either irradiance   or   temperature   using   the   following easily   interchangeable,   good   cosine   response sensor:
  • UV 295- 400 NM large band sensor
  • UV 340 NM narrow band sensor
  • UV 420 NM narrow band sensor
  • Illuminance sensor spectral response similar C.I.E. photopic luminosity curve. Measuring range up to 2 MEGALUX.
  • Black Standard Temperature sensor
One of the most regularly asked question is “how much does one hour in Solarbox represent?”
The standard ASTM D3424 gives an indication of the average daily radiation received in Miami, Florida.
(Miami, Singapore and Okinawa are the subtropical test sites, those sites are generally hot and humid throughout the whole year).
The average daily radiation received in Miami is 1 MJ/m 2 (295-400 nm) , it is generally accepted that Miami conditions are 4 – 5 times more severe than Europe.
In the enclosed table a comparison is made between natural conditions in subtropical and European sites and Solarbox.

The table reports Irradiance in the UV range (295 to 400 nm) and the related overall Irradiance in the 295 to 800 nm range as specified in the most diffused standard.

Irradiation range

radiation in
Irradiance set :
550 W/m 2
(295-800 nm)

radiation in
Irradiance set:
1000 W/m 2
(295-800 nm)

295-400 nm
1 MJ/m2
 0.22 MJ/m2
5.3 MJ/m2
9.6 MJ/m 2
295-800 nm
9.2 MJ/m 2
2.0 MJ/m2
50.4 MJ/m2
88.3 MJ/m 2
The conclusion is that 1 hour exposure at 550 W/m 2 in Solarbox is equivalent to 24 hours in Europe and to 5.3 hours in Miami., the acceleration factor may be nearly doubled increasing Irradiance up to 1000 W/m.
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