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Pressure Metering

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testo 511
Absolute pressure meter incl. protective cap, batteries and calibration certiificate

testo 511 measures absolute pressure with an accuracy of +/-3 hPa.
It is converted to barometric air pressure by entering on-site height above sea level.
In addition, barometric elevation measurement between two points is also possible.
"   Measures absolute pressure, e.g. for absolute pressure compensation in flow velocity measurements with a Pitot tube
"   Calculation of barometric air pressure
"   Barometric altitude measurement
"   Accuracy +/-3 hPa
"   Protective cap for safe storage
"   Including wrist strap and belt holder
"   Backlit display
"   8 switchable pressure units: hPa, mbar, Pa, mmH2O, mmHg, inH2O, inHg, psi

testo 314
Pressure meter with built-in printer, from 0 mbar to +1000 mbar
Exact measurement of pressure tightness and leak-proofness of gas and water systems.

Testo 314 compensates pressure fluctuations to the desired normal test pressure, measurement inaccuracies are thus eliminated.
The most common pipe connections are made of high-quality materials and are checked for leak-proofness by the measuring instrument (simple press of a button) before each measurement. The integrated printer offers the possibility of documenting a whole measurement series, and of presenting it as a graph. Adapted to the special demands of the documentation of usability tests, all the measurements of individual measurement locations can be archived by the Testo software and called up in the form of test protocols.
"   Load and gas-tightness test on gas pipes
"   Pressure drop test on water pipes (high pressure measurement up to 25 bar)
"   Fast measurement of amount of gas leaking according to DVGW-TRGI '86/96 / VP 952
"   Efficient detection of gas leaks using testo 316-1
"   Analysis software to show course of measurement
"   Serviceability test on gas pipes
"   Data recording for testing pressure regulator
"   Analysis with PC software
"   Built-in printer with large, backlit graphics display
"   Standard test pressure compensation with feeding unit
"   Tested according to DVGW-TRGI 2008 / VP 952

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