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New OMK610 Squirrel oven logging system

Coatings & Industry > Oven C° Monitoring
Paint oven profiling system  

consists of:
» OMK 610 temperature logger
» Paintview Software for setup, download & data export.
» Thermal barrier

New OMK610 Squirrel oven logging system.

The OQ610 temperature logger is suitable for a wide range of temperature recording applications in industry, research and development. It is available as a standalone temperature logger or as part of a complete system for through process monitoring in the food and paint industries


  • 6 channels for use with a wide range of K or T type thermocouple probes

  • Battery operated (uses 2 x AA size batteries) and easily portable

  • Simple 3 button operation via built in display or from PC

  • Can be configured to automatically start and stop logging on time or temperature levels

  • Fast sample rates for fast process times: up to 8 samples/second

  • Can provide automatic cure calculation in through process applications

  • Non-volatile memory provides up to 260,000 readings of secure data

  • Time and date reported with each reading

  • USB On The Go communication port enables direct printout without the need to connect to a PC

  • Compact and simple to use  

  • High accuracy

  • Extended battery life

  • Supply with PaintView software

ACCURACY :  -50 to 500ºC,    ±0.5ºC
                               -200 to 1300ºC, ±1.0ºC             
RESOLUTION : 0.1ºC (0.18ºF)   
SAMPLING RATE :  Fastest: eight times per second per channel
                                           Slowest: once every two hours per channel     
CHANNELS : 6 K or T type thermocouple
TEMPERATURE MEASURING RANGE :  -200÷C to 1300ºC (K type)
                                                                                          -200÷C to 400ºC (T type)    
OPERATING ENVIRONMENT :  Temperature range -30 to 65ºC
                                                                        Humidity 95%        
MEMORY : Flash memory of 260,000 readings
COMMUNICATION : USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible     
DISPLAY :   Alphanumeric display of 2 x 16 characters shows cure pass/fail, battery status, probes connected, real time readings and communication to printer or PC         
POWER SUPPLY : Two AA cells to give 200 hours operation at default settings       
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT :  Dimensions (lxwxh): 148x95x21mm
Weight:  450g     

The OQ610 logger is suitable for use with our wide range of thermocouple sensors. Thermocouples have a quick response time and are suitable for a wide range of applications, from small and delicate, to heavy industrial
Through process data logging system

Standard Thermal Barriers
Thermal barriers are insulated containers designed to keep heat out so that the Squirrel data logger inside remains at a safe operation temperature for a specified duration. Grant offers a wide range of thermal barriers with different time/temperature specifications.

  • Provides protection to Squirrel data loggers when used in high temperature oven profiling applications (static or conveyor)
  • A range of standard and customised models with different performance characteristics
  • Made from stainless steel, for years of use
  • Barriers available for very high temperature applications - manufactured to order
  • Suitable for applications in food, powder coating, stove enamelling, ceramic, kiln and furnace
  • Can be constructed using special phase change material for added protection for very high temperature applications.

New Barrier            with Phases Change Heat Sink            without Heat Sink
Temp (°C)                 100   150  200  250   300                      100  150  200   250
Duration (mins)      340   195  130  100      30                      140     80     60      50
Size :                                                                  245 x 245 x 115 (l x w x h)
Weight :                                                 6Kg                                                        4Kg
OMK 610 HS
OMK610 Squirrel oven logging system. Maximum of 100 minutes at 250°C or 30 minutes at 300°C
OQ610 Squirrel Data Logger, complete with new thermal barrier (TB610), heat sink (TBHS-1), USB connection cable, light weight carry case
Getting Started guide and PaintView configuration and data analysis software.

OMK 610-NP
OMK610 Squirrel oven logging system. Maximum of 50 minutes at 250°C
OQ610 Squirrel Data Logger, complete with new thermal barrier (TB610), USB connection cable, light weight carry case
Getting Started guide and PaintView configuration and data analysis software.

New Thermal barrier for OQ610

Model TB610
Size: 230mm(l) x 230(w) x 115(h). Suitable ONLY for use with an OQ610 NOT with a heat sink block. Thermal capacity of 45 minutes at 250°C

Model TB612
Size: 230mm(l) x 230(w) x 115(h). Supplied with heat sink block. Thermal capacity of 100 minutes at 250°C or 30 minutes at 300°C
With TB610HS thermal barrier, TBHS-1 heat sink

Model TB610 HS
Size: 230mm(l) x 230(w) x 115(h). Supplied without heat sink block, but with internal cavity for a heat sink block.
Thermal capacity of 100 minutes at 250°C or 30 minutes at 300°C - requires heat sink

PaintView software

Powerful and easy to use spreadsheet style software for configuring, downloading, displaying and analysing data from your Squirrel data logger.
Upgrade to SquirrelView Plus and with just a few mouse clicks you will quickly be able to view real time charts or historical data.
You can also quickly download the data for use in your favourite spreadsheet, database or analysis program.
• Storage of user settings on PC
• Temperature profile feature
• Upper and lower thresholds
• Viewing of tabulated data
• Real time metering for test purposes
• Export of data to Excel
• Built in report function

PaintView is an easy-to-use software package designed for exclusive use in the paint and finishing industry.

PaintView also gives you the additional benefits of graphically analysing your historical and on-line data, along with advanced reporting.

» Easy analysis for OQ series loggers
» Easy to use Explorer style interface
» Fully configurable data views
» Creation of templates
» Flexibility for customisable reports
» Facility to include text comments with graphs
» Flexible zoom feature including X and Y axis
» Statistics calculator
» Autoscaling of Y axis
» Value readout at cursor position
» High and low level thresholds
» Report facility: prints out graphs, readings,etc
» Tolerance curve
» Oven profile
» Calculated channels
» User notes
» Archives
» File convertor from Paintwise and Squirrelwise
» Product cure calculation
» Append/add datafiles
» Run creator, extracting and joining data by time
» Setup can be verified before it is sent to the logger
» Converts setup files from previous SquirrelView or PaintView software
» Report options for data presentation» Hide facility allows you to tailor setup interface to your own requirements
» Printer setup information
» Facility to setup templates

Meter Mode
» Displays up to 6 channels
» 3 Plot types: line graphs, gauges & dials
» Autoscaling: X and Y axis
» Value readout: cursor position
» Saves metered data for re-use in other software packages
» Graph printout facility
» Graph can be presented in various styles

» Download straight to graph
» Download directly as a CSV file

» Easy to use export wizard
» Customisable data export for Excel™, Lotus™ or other applications
» Export viewer allows quickview facility of data format

Additional features
» Tips of the day – provides informative shortcuts
» Logger diagnostics » Security features enables password setup
» Communication wizard enables easy setup of USB
» Interactive help

Automatic PaintView REPORT

Probes for use with the OMK610 Oven Logger Kit

A wide range of K-Type temperature probes is available with a choice of 1.5m (4'9"), 3m (9'8") or 6m (19'7") cable lengths.
The OMK610 can be used with a combination of up to 6 probes simultaneously.

  •   Perfect contact between probe and surface
  •   Low mass and optimised shape to avoid influence on temperature of the sample
  •   Extremely strong, highly flexible and easy to clean Teflon® coated cables

All probes have a continuous maximum temperature of 250ºC.

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