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The basic ingredient of silica gel is silicon dioxide (Si02).
The physical structure of silica gel is defined by rich finely porous structure and large specific surface area.
Silica gel’s surface area consists of silicon hydroxide, thus silica gel has high adsorption effect and is widely used for adsorption, drying, separation,  purification and preparation of highly purified substances, etc. In chemical engineering silica gel can be used as a catalyst or a carrier of catalyst.

Types of Silica gel:
- Narrow pore spherical silica gel
- Type B spherical silica gel
- Wide pore spherical silica gel
- Wide pore micro spherical silica gel
- Big wide pore spherical silica gel
- Super wide pore silica gel
- Column chromatography silica gel
- High performance thin layer chromatography silica gel
- Liquid phase chromatography silica gel series
- WS waterproof silica gel
- Spherical blue silica gel
- Orange silica gel (indicator)
- Cat litter
- Fragrant silica gel
- Silical gel for aquariums
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