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Reference Thermometer

Temperature > T° Metering

ad 3000 th – Thermometer Precisa

The accuracy you need for the recalibration of your testing equipment.

The first electronic hand-held thermometer with finest resolution 0,001°C for high specialised measuring tasks.

High long-term stability                

Resolution: 0,001°C                                 

High accuracy
Recommended as a standard instrument used for the monitoring of other measuring and test equipment.

Measuring  range :
-20 + 150°C
Resolution :
Consistency* :
±0,01 °C —> +20... +50°C
Battery :
9V 6F22 single-block battery
Battery life  :
c. 180 h
150 x 80 x 32 mm
High precise sensor  fixed connected
Pt 1000 4-conductor probe of stainless steel
Type :   
immersion probe
Depth of immersion :
100 mm
Dimensions :
150 x 3,0 mm
Cable length :  
PVC, c. 1200 mm
Response time :  
T 90= 20 sec.

* The consistency of the measuring values refers to the factory-made adjusted test points 20°C and 50°C.

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