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Mobile Measuring Systems

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Mobile Measuring Systems
Mobile and stationary measuring systems, with up to four channels for simultaneous data acquisition of physical quantities such as force, distance, pressure as well as speed, torque or angle of rotation. The flexibly equipped measuring amplifiers allow the connection of strain gauge sensors, digital encoders and analog signal sources.
Hydraulic load cells: Hydraulic force measuring devices for measuring forces that occur. The method is based on the hydraulic transmission of forces acting on the piston of the force transducer. This hydraulic pressure is directly displayed on a display unit scaled in Newton. The force gauges are ideal for maintenance and adjustment work and for use in plants, machines and systems of all kinds.
Force measuring system: For the acquisition of mechanical quantities on the basis of strain gauge sensors.
Electrical force transducers: The electrical force transducers reflect the latest state of sensor technology and take into account the most varied customer requirements. These force transducers are used wherever tensile and compressive forces are measured with maximum accuracy, e.g. in materials testing and in research and development. But also in the industry these force transducers are used in the fields of
automation, the control of press-fit processes and the joining technology the right choice.
Hydraulic Load Cell  Model 830 - 833 - 844
ERICHSEN's force measuring instruments enable you to measure the occurring forces in a simple and cost-effective manner.
The operating method is based on the hydraulic transmission of forces acting on the piston of the force transducer.
This hydraulic pressure is displayed directly on a Newton-scaled display instrument.
Hydraulic force gauges are preferably for static usage.
The force rise time (relative to nominal load) should therefore not be less than one second, since rapid load changes could damage the display instrument.
Blows associated with changing forces can be damped, however, using the appropriate throttles. All force gauges are made of stainless steel.
Fields of application

Compact load cells are ideal for maintenance and adjustment work.
This particular series has been designed primarily for carrying out occasional force checks rather than for continuous loading.
Their compact dimensions make these instruments extremely versatile. By using the appropriate accessories the measured value can also be shown on a remote display.
The readings can be transmitted to the PHYSIMETER ® 906 MC-E and 906 USB by way of a pressure transducer.
Fields of application

Load cells in the 844 series are suitable wherever a shaft needs to be fitted through the measuring device.
These instruments are specifically designed as a permanent monitoring facility for axial and bearing forces. They are equipped with a high-accuracy dial gauge which has a large diameter (100 mm) and a zero offset compensation.
By using the appropriate accessories, the measured value can also be shown on a remote display.
The readings can be transmitted to the PHYSIMETER ® 906 MC-E and 906 USB by way of a pressure transducer.
Load cells - Display instrument  Model 975
The Model 975 AP display instrument is designed to easily measure and display forces when working with ERICHSEN strain gauge force transducers. It can be used anywhere where forces need to be detected simply and quickly.
This instrument is versatile because it is easy to handle.
The measuring and display electronics are designed to operate with mains power. They are enclosed in a robust aluminium housing.

The measuring and display electronics are designedfor mains operations and installed in a sturdy aluminium box.
The LED digital display on the front panel and the illuminated mains switch are easily identifiable, even from a distance.
By way of the 7-pin socket on the rear of the box the force transducer can be disconnected quickly from the display instrument.
The fuses, which are also located on the rear, are readily accessible, enabling rapid replacement.
A peak value memory is included in the standard Model 975 AP version. Minimum and maximum readings can be fetched by means of key operation.
Technical Data
Housing: 255 x 270 x 110 mm, made of aluminium
Weight: approx. 2.2 kg
Measuring range: dependent on connected  force transducer
Measurement uncertainty:  ± 0.1% of measured value,
                                                              ± 0.05 % of full scale
Measuring rate: 10 / sec
Temperature range: 0° C to 60° C
(storage temperature –20° C to +80° C)
Temperature stability: 0.05% / °C
Humidity:  0 – 85 % without condensation
Power supply: 100 - 250 V / 0,05 A
Display:  4½-digit LED display,
                   0 - ±19999, 14 mm high,
                   overflow and open circuit  displayed by  "- - - -"
Limit value output:  5 – 24 V, 0.5 A external infeed
Analogue output:
Voltage signal:  0 – 10 V, (12 Bit)
                                  Accuracy 1% of upper range value,
                                  short-circuit proof
Current signal:   4 – 20 mA (12 Bit)
                                    Accuracy 1% of upper range value,
                                    short-circuit proof
                                     (alternative 0 – 20 mA)
Interface:    RS 232 bidirectional
The Measuring System PHYSIMETER ® 906 USB is used for the acquisition of mechanical parameters based on wire strain gauge sensors.

Two versions are available:
PHYSIMETER ® 906 USB with an integrated force sensor and
PHYSIMETER ® 906 USB to connect an external sensor.
For the power supply three micro-batteries (type LR03) or alternatively a plug-in power pack is required.
The data transmission of PHYSIMETER to PC is made via USB interface (USB cable included in scope of supply).
The measuring and evaluation software PHYSISOFT 906 USB is available free of charge at

Reference Class
All versions of Measuring System PHYSIMETER® 906 USB with integrated force sensor are supplied with a Manufacturer’s Certificate M in accordance with DIN 55 350-18.

As an option a calibration according to VDI/VDE 2624 sheet 2.1 - Measurement of mechanical quantities – Instructions for calibration of mobile force measurement systems – is available.
The PHYSIMETER® 906 USB will be delivered with the accessories (included in scope of supply) in a plastic case and is suitable for mobile and stationary

Point Force Transducer Model 835

Point force measuring gauge, 500 N – 10 kN

Special versions:
Customized versions can be designed for special applications, e.g. for measuring the tensile force of through-running wires, or equipped with tension shackles for installing overhead lines at prescribed tensile strain rates, etc.
High-gloss chromium-plated
  • Pressure piece (chromium-plated)
  • Universal joints (galvanized) for tensile force  
Purpose and application

The Series 835 force measuring instruments are intended for measuring static pressure and tensile forces.
They are robust, mechanical instruments which are suited for applications where it is sufficient to determine temporary forces using simple measuring techniques with relatively good accuracy. Especially the narrow construction of the force application points makes them suitable for versatile use in places where other measuring instruments cannot be used due to their greater overall dimensions.
As a result of its special design the force transducer is ideally suited e.g. for measuring and controlling the electrode pressures on spot welding machines.

Design und function

The pressure or tensile forces acting on the application points effect a deformation of the slot.
This causes a precision-ground measuring needle with a conical sensor to move in a transverse direction activating a dial gauge indicator.
Pressure forces are displayed clockwise, tensile forces are shown counter-clockwise.
Technical data

Measuring uncertainty: ± 2 %, related to the end value.
Display device:   Precision dial gauge, mountable facing different directions.
                                    Dial plate can be turned to enable zero offset.
  • Model 835-005 approx. 0.45 kg net
  • Model 835-02 approx. 0.45 kg net
  • Model 835-05 approx. 0.8 kg net
  • Model 835-10 approx. 1.2 kg net  
Order Information

Order No.                       Product description
110-0240.03.31         Point force transducer, Model 835 measuring range up to 500 N.
110-0240.04.31          Point force transducer, Model 835 measuring range up to 2 kN.
110-0240.01.31          Point force transducer, Model 835 measuring range up to 5 kN.
110-0240.02.31          Point force transducer, Model 835 measuring range up to 10 kN.
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