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Electrolytic marking devices

Automation-capable electrolytic marking devices for professional use.
The technically most innovative electrolytic marking system worldwide.

Technically speaking, electrolytic marking is very simple: except for a device that supplies the energy and the electrolyte, only one marking head is needed.
A stencil is clamped onto the marking head or placed directly on the workpiece to be marked.
The marking head and the workpiece are connected to the control unit.
As soon as the marking head soaked with electrolyte is pressed onto the workpiece, the electric circuit is closed.
Current flows and the workpiece is marked with an exact copy of the template.
EU 80 and EU 100

The inexpensive handheld and control devices for entry into electrolytic marking

The EU 80 is the inexpensive entry into the world of electrolytic marking. Ideal for serial numbers and small markings in general.

The EU 100 can generate direct current as output voltage in addition to alternating current.

Thus depth markings are also possible.

  • IP54
  • protected housing
  • USB host mode for memory stick
  • Communication via USB
  • Optimized menu navigation Micropulse operation
  • Blocking function
  • Materials database
  • Sequence preview in the graphic display
  • Different signal shapes can be combined
  • Time flexible control sequences
  • Polarity configurable in DC mode
  • Different positive and negative half waves in AC mode
  • Galvanically isolated digital I/O control signals
  • Safety extra-low voltage (SELV)Char
  • Individually created configurations can be saved
Electrolytic equipment – Everything you need for electrolytic marking is available from us.

From own production of Östling – Quality Made in Germany.

Whether you have a manual workstation, a semi-automatic system or a fully automatic solution: You will have a hard time confronting us with a problem that we have not already solved in the electrolytic area.

We can offer you a solution for the most diverse product shapes, sizes and other requirements.

Electrolytic marking is still a cost-effective solution for achieving first-class and durable marking results quickly and elegantly with simple means.
Marking Starter Kit for Electrochemical Etching

Turnkey set for AutoGrid® strain measurement
-          marking device “Östling EU Pulse” for electrochemical grid marking
                               on 320x240 mm² areas including roller with 3 felts and cables
-          2 AutoGrid® grid stencils with frame, 320x240 mm²
                               choice of line spacing: 1.0 (only for in-process), 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 5.0 mm
-          5 l Electrolyte E1 for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
-          5 l Neutralyte N2
-          5 l Stencil Cleaner R3
-          accesEU Pulsesories for handling and cleaning
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