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Kern DBS 60-3

Laboratory Product > Moisture Analyser

DBS 60-3 Moisture analyser with graphics display and 10 memories for drying programs

The moisture of a sample is not only the water content in the material.

“Material moisture” is understood to be all volatile substances which escape during heating and result in a weight loss of a sample.

These include:
•Organic solvents
•Volatile constituents
•Where necessary, Decomposing substance (if heated too strongly)
  • Backlit graphic display, digit height 15 mm
1 Drying process active
2 Previous drying time
3 Current temperature
4 Unit for displaying the results
5 Current moisture content in %
6 Active heating profile
  • Halogen quartz glass heater 400 W
  • Observation window above the sample,useful during initial setting
  • Internal memory for automatic sequence  of 10 complete drying processes and  100 drying processes carried out
  • The last value measured remains on  the display until it is replaced by a new measurement
  • Sample description for up to 99 samples,  2 digits, freely programmable, and is printed in the measuring protocol
  • Date and time display as standard·10 sample plates included
  • Protective working cover included with delivery
  • Application handbook: On the internet,  you will find a practical application handbook containing many examples, field reports, settings and tips for each KERN moisture analyser
Technical data DataDBS 60-3
Radiator                                                                       Halogen (1 x 400 W)
Temperature range                                               50°C - 200°C1°C increments selectable
Maximum load (Max)                                          60 g
Minimum weight (min)                                       0.02 g
Warm-up time                                                         2 h
Readability (d) :
  • Weighing mode0.001g
  • Moisture analysis mode 0.01 %
Reproducibility„Weighing mode“                 0.001 g
Reproducibility„Weighing mode“ :
  • Initial weight 2 g:  0.15 %
  • Initial weight 5g:   0.05 %
  • Initial weight 10 g :  0.02 %
Drying modes :
  • Standard drying (AUTO / TIME))
  • Step drying (STEP)
  • Rapid drying (RAPID)
  • Slow drying (SLOW)
Linearity                                                                             ± 0.003 g
Stabilization time (typical)                               3 sec.
Recommended adjustment weight, not added (class)          50g (F1)
Environmental conditions :
  • 5°C....+40°C ambient temperature
  • max 85% air humidity non-condensing
Pollution Degree                                                2
Overvoltage Category                                    Category I
Switch-off criterion :
  • AUTO  The drying is finished when the preset weight loss (∆M ) remains constant for 30 seconds.
  • TIME    The drying is finished after the preset time, 1 minute – 4 hours (1 minute increments)or 12 hours can be selected
  • Manual (STOP button)
Sample dishes included                              Ø 95 mm
Weighing Units :
  • [M/W]    [%] moisture
  • [D/W]     [%] dry mass:
  • [M/D]     ATRO* dry mass
  • [W/D]     ATRO* moisture
  • [GRAM]  Gram display
Internal memory :
  • Method memory10 memory locations for drying programs,
  • Sample memory100 memory locations for measuring results
Interface                                                                  RS232
Dimensions (B x D x H)                                    Housing 202 x 336 x 157 mm
Available drying room                                     Ø 95 mm, 20 mm high
Net weight                                                              4.2 kg
Electric Supply                                                    220 –240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption                                         Rating 430 VA
Voltage fluctuations                                         Within ±10 %
Power line fuse                                                    3.15 A, 250V
Interrupting rating of fuse                            35 A
Altitude                                                                    Up to 2000 m
Installation Site                                                   device may only be used indoors
Accessories :
  • Protective working cover, scope of delivery: 5 items, KERN DBS-A03S05
  • Sample plates aluminium, ∅ 90 mm, unit of 80 pieces, KERN MLB-A01A
  • Round fiberglass filter high mechanical stability, with organic binder, box of 100 pieces, KERN RH-A02
  • 7 Temperature calibration set consists of measuring sensor and display device, KERN DBS - A01.
  • USB interface kit for bi-directional data exchange between balance/moisture analyser and computer. Scope of delivery: USB cable, driver, Software Balance Connection, KERN DBS-A02
  • 8 Display of the drying process in conjunction with BalanceConnection, KERN SCD-4.0
  • Thermal printer, KERN YKB-01N
  • Matrix needle printer, to print the weights on normal paper, ideal for long-term archiving, KERN 911-013
  • Label printer, KERN YKE-01tance (if heated too strongly)
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