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QC-657B  H.D.T. Heat Deflection Tester

H.D.T. Heat Deflection Tester is suitable for material which is still hard at 27℃.
The specimen, placed at the simple beam for testing, is given a flexion stress of 0.445MPA or 1.82MPA at the center.
The ambient temperature of the test in increased by 2 degrees Celsius per minute.
When the specimen’s center undergoes a deflection of 0.254mm (ASTM), 0.32mm (ISO edgewise), 0.34mm(ISO flatwise) the temperature is determined as the specimen’s deflection temperature.

The tester is able to test both H.D.T heat and Vicat heat by exchanging the specimen holder.
Model  :               QC-657
Temperature  : Room temperature - 300℃
Temperature Control :   2℃ increase per minute
Weight  :   Weight support 3N. Each station has the following weights:
                       0.1N×1, 0.2N×2, 0.5N×1, 1N×1, 2N×2, 5N×1, 10N×1
Deflection reading value :   0.001 - 3.000 mm
Flexion Span : 100 mm(max.), 50mm adjustable
Specimen support’s surface :  R=3.0 mm
Specifications 2

Specimen dimension :
  • ASTM L=5”(127 mm), d=1/2 ”(12.7 mm), b=1/4”( 6.35 mm)                         
  • ISO edge wise L=120mm, d=10mm, b=4mm      
  • ISO flat wise L=80mm, d=10mm, b=4mm
  • Specimen error should be±0.1 mm

Features :

  • 7” colored touch screen that shows multiple test data
  • All the raw data can be completely recorded, and the data can be converted to graph
  • User-friendly operation that guides users step by step. Jigs can be replaced for Vicat test
Test Stations : 1, 2, 3 stations for selection
Temperature Equalization Method : Circulating flow
Cooling method : Water cooling
Dimension : 85 X 48 X 54 cm
Power supply : Single Phase, AC 220V
Conform to Standards

  • ASTM D648
  • ASTM D1525
  • ISO 75-1
  • ISO 306
  • JIS K7191-1
  • JIS K7206

Industry  Plastic
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