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AFFRI Hardness tester
Conform with standard ASTM B-724 - DIN 50157
• For every kind of metal both very hard and soft
• Suitable for flat, round and irregular pieces
• No need for adjustment if used inclined or inverted
• No affected by thickness of sample
• For thin surfaces: down to 0.08 mm thickness and large parts
• 10 different scales on the display
• Memory of the results 100 values (each scale)
• Average of the stored results.
• Repeatability + / - 0,5 HR on test block

Portable hardness tester easy to use in every position also inverted, no cables, excellent accuracy and reproduceable results from measure of penetration depth under constant force.
Small penetration assure excellent result on thin surfaces, as cromium coating or thin parts as shave blade profiles, pipes, with a wall thickness < 0.1 mm. infinita range of hardness scale from HB=5 to HV1= 1865

- Diamond indenter
- HRC test block
- Adjustable base for test on flat and round pieces up to Ø 200 mm.
- Tables and instructions sheet for use
- Supplied with certificates on SIT primary samples.
- Art. 2310 large “V” support for round surfaces with more than Ø 200 mm.
- Art. 2312 stand support with a series of anvils for test on small pieces
working opening mm. 100, working depth mm. 65
- Art. 2315 three points base for irregular surfaces and large round pieces.
- Art. 2316 support to perform tests on extrusion screws
- Art. 23631 Handclamp

AFFRI -METALTEST is a portable Rockwell Hardness tester with HRC direct digital read-out and conversion to other scales through table included. It is designed for hardness tests on particularly cumbersome items, materials in the warehouse, and pieces which cannot be tested on a bench Hardness Tester. Very thin metal such as shearing bands, surfaces in hardened metal such as superficial
hardness starting from a thickness of 0.08 mm. It does not spoil the surface because it produces micro-indentations.

- It works on the Rockwell principle, with preload and load.
- There is automatic zeroing and memory of last result.
- Very light and compact with microprocessor incorporated; liquid crystal, digital display indicating the hardness value which is fixed and memorized on the display until the next test, allowing tests to be done even where there is little light.

- It is child’s play to use it: just place the hardness tester on the surface to be examined and press the handgrip right down; release the pressure, the piece hardness immediately appears on the display.
- It runs off one 9 Volt battery, which should last for 2.000 tests.
- The penetrator is a diamond cone.
- It is supplied with a calibrated reference specimen.
- Measures 16x16x12 cm.; weight: Kg. 1.2
- Conform to Standard ASTM B-724

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