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Hard Test- I

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A new combined tester for Hardness and sigma break tests in one instrument: quick and accurate for production departments without requiring laboratory inspection.
• Conform with standard DIN 50157
• An invaluable help in the warehouse or factory
• Tests hardness on all type of metals
• Tests the break module sigma
• Does not require adjustment
• Ready for test in any moment
• 10 different conversion scales
• Stores results

QUICK: in only 2 seconds the hardness and sigma are measured on large range of metallic products
UNIVERSAL: designed to check sheets, metal rolls, shaped parts, tubes, on aluminium, brass, copper and steel
ACCURATE: products and surfaces down to 0.08 mm thick can be checked. It works using the innovative Affri system which measures the real indentation depth applying constant incremental load rates through a minor and major load ( as in laboratory machines).
Conform to Standard ASTM B-724 - DIN 50157
Height capacity : self adjustable from 0.08 to15 mm (other measures on request)
Reading scales : HRA HK HRC HRB HB30T HB5 HB30 HV R HR15N
Depth capacity 25 mm
Power : battery
Memory : 100 measure and automatic AVERAGE, Hi – Lo values

Standard delivery :
- Bag with instrument, test block, instruction for use
Extra :
- Special bases for special fixtures

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