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Freeze/Thaw Climate Chamber

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Climatic cycling chambers

Environment tests and seamless temperature cycling abilities can quickly help users in all kinds of temperature and humidity testing tasks.
The range of climate cycling chamber manufactured by Fratelli Della Marca is usable for achieving accurate readings for temperature testing environment in engineering product development labs and production test floors.
The cycling test chamber series is ideal for semiconductor IC devices with varied kinds of electronic and non-electronic components with other such assemblies.

Cyclic climatic chamber for environment testing
The indispensable range of thermal cycling chamber from FDM are some thermal air systems with high capacity ideal for thermal testing, device temperature material categorization, PCBs, modules, hybrids and various other electronic and non-electronic assemblies at different temperatures that range in dynamic conditions about -25-degree C to +70-degree C.
The cyclic climatic chamber system delivers the performance of high capacity continuous airflow for optimisation of temperature transition rate throughout the operation duration.
The standard development rate for temperature ranges around -25 degree to +70-degree C in approx. Ten seconds’ time frame and vice versa.
  • Thermal cycling chambers range from FDM are available with temperature control Sensor ports.
  • Display options for temperature setting, with resolution changing.
Cyclic Climatic Chamber- Leading Features & Specs

in it, you can embark your test on any infinite numbers. Standard is about 1 program and 20 steps, but cycling test chamber by Fratelli Della Marca allow you to go for 50 programs and 200 steps.

Humidity Control Features
With the unique humidity management feature, it incites the best environment for testing.

Temperature cyclic climatic chamber
by FDM leverages different temperature module for positive and negative aspects. However, temperature stability is ±0.1°C.
PRO Touch display
is a PID microprocessor Temperature and Humidity (with also Light option possibilities) controller.

User friendly home screen with the full control of parameters.
Its standard equipment is 1 program and 20 segment, but can be upgraded up to 50 programs and 200 segments.

You can create, edit and enable programs directly on the touch screen.
By trend monitor screen, you can monitor parameters recorded data. Optionally you can download all data monitored on USB storage.
The PRO Touch programmer will trace all alarms and report it on a dedicated view.
Technical data 1
  • 5,7” full color Touch screen with white backlight led.
  • User friendly and easy to use home screen
  • 1 program and 20 segments by standard (upgradeable up to 50 prg. and 200 seg.)
  • Multi-segment temperature-time profile (up to 200)
  • Loop fuction up to 99 times or endless
  • Adjustable ramps
  • Programmable/edit ramps and hold
  • Paramenters trend monitoring
  • Data monitoring storable on USB (optional)
  • Overview of set and current parameters while operating
  • Audible and visual alarms of: setpoint parameters, open door, sensors fail
  • Alarms dedicated screen list

Technical data 2
  • Program Edit Screen with two temperature sensor (optional)
  • Program Edit Screen with flooding system (optional)
  • Program Edit Screen with illumination system (optional)
  • Infinitive days programming
  • Possibility of parameters calibration by the User
  • Password protected settings
  • Real time clock
  • Digital timer
  • 1x RS232C/RS485 port interface
  • 1x Ethernet IEEE 802.3 compliant
  • 1x USB (type A) 2.0
  • 1x USB (mini-B) 2.0
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