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TOP PROTECT 3 in 1® - Paint protection signs

For all standards painting processes
The „3 in 1“ solution: an additional laminate layer protects the TOP PROTECT signs during painting and is then simply stripped off.
Whether wet painting, KTL coating, dip coating or powder coating, a perfectly legible sign with surface protection remains after each painting process.
The varnish coat seals the sign at the edges so that aggressive material can no longer seep in. Multilayer designs for use in multiple painting processes are possible.

Your advantages with TOP PROTECT 3 in 1:
  • The low-cost alternative to metal signs
  • Robust surface protection through transparent laminate
  • Additional painting protection „3 in 1“
  • For all standard painting processes
  • Detachable laminates for multiple painting possible
  • Simply handling
  • Print image remains permanently legible
  • Can be individually inscribed
Examples of application for the following industries :

  • Automotive Industry - Utility Vehicles Axles/ Cathodic Dip Coating
  • Automotive Industry - Utility Vehicles Axles/ Wet Caoting
  • Cranes, Conveyors - Construction Machinery
  • Drive Technology - Gears for the Food Processing Industry
  • Drive Technology - UL- and EX-Approval
  • Electrical, Electronics - Pneumatic and Control Technology
  • Industrial Coating, Surface Technology - Dip Coatings
  • Mechanical Engineering, Cases and Container Construction - Compressed Air Reservoirs
If the labels are to protected against abrasion, weathering, bases or cleaning solvents, lamination is essential.
The signs are given excellent surface protection in the form of a self-adhesive transparent plastic-foil, in either a matt of gloss finish.
Thanks to the combination of thermal transfer printer and laminating system, the ELTEX solution can print, laminate ad punch type and rating plats or barcode labels from narrow endless self-sticking material in one pass. Where this method is used, there is no longer any need for pre-printed signs to large extent, which consistently reduces the amount of storage space required.
All you need to stock are neutral rolls of base foil and laminate in the respective widths, whereby different sign formats can be produced from one roll width, e.g. 2 or 3 labels adjacent to one another.
The signs are punched using steel strip cutting tools that are easy to change over and which are very cheap.
The result are labels ready to peel off the backing paper, the grid is removed.
The software “PrintStar Color” has special characteristics for processing multi-colored graphics.
We will be happy to advise you in your choice of suitable foils or laminates.
We have an extensive range in stock and can deliver foils or laminates in the form of endless rolls in any width, even in small quantities.
We have thermal transfer ribbons available to match the individual foil types.
We can offer you a well arranged workstation with base cupboard with foil unwinding.
The user-friendly software “PrintStar” or “PrintStar Color” is available for singly or multi-color thermal transfer printers.
“PrintStar” proceses all standard Windows graphic formats.
Additionally our graphic converter “HPGLWin” is available.
With that HPGL-plotter-data are converted into suitable data for “PrintStar”
Production equipment for manufacturing surface-protected type plates, barcode labels etc. from roll to roll
  • Printing, laminating, cutting in a single pass
  • Labels ready to peel off backing tape
  • Selection of materials suitable for the most demanding of requirements, e.g. temperature-resistant up to approx. 230° Celsius
  • Protection against abrasion and chemical influences
  • Cutting with low-cost steel-strip-cut dies  Formats from 5 x 1,2 mm up to 100 x 75 mm
  • Quick format changeover
  • Production of labels from continuous rolls, which means pre-printed labels and signs are no longer required
  • Significant savings on print costs
  • Reduction of storage
Specifications 1

Techical Data
Working speed                   approx. 30 – 180 strokes / minute depending on the length  of labels
Cutting size                           up to 100 x 75 mm
Foil width                               max. 120 mm
Laminate width                  max. 115 mm
Material feed                      driven by 3-phase stepper motor
Positioning                           contrast mark reader (setting using teach function)
Positioning accuracy      +/- 0,2 mm

Specifications 2

Pre-selection counter                   adjustment and display by LCD touch panel with backlight
Quick-tensioning spindle            for labels, grid and backing paper (liner),  max. outer diameter 150 mm  diameter of core 76 mm
Foil and laminate thickness       approx. 120 µ in total,  depending on the length of the total cutting line
Cutting unit                                         Precision cutting head with preloaded ball guide
Cutting tool                                         Steel-strip cutting die in quick change module
Length of cutting line                     for paper with laminate approx. 500 mm  for foil with laminate approx. 300 mm
Cutting depth regulation             in steps of 0,005 mm
Cutting drive                                      3-phase stepper motor, automatic synchronization with feed rive
Dimensions (w/d/h):                       650 x 630 x 610 mm
Weight approx.                                 110 kg
Options                                                 System workstation
                                                                   Laminate and Grid monitoring
                                                                   Longitudinal cutter
                                                                   Barcode check  
Workstation ELTEX 7500-AB

Technical Data
  • System working station for die-cutting and laminating system and thermal transfer printer
  • Base cupboard made of aluminium square profile with 2 front doors, paneling made of painted sheet steel
  • Motor-driven unwinding mechanism for material rolls up to 250 mm in diameter housed in the workstation
  • Automatic loop-control as strain relief for the printer
  • Quick-tensioning spindle for cores up to 76 mm inner diameter
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