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Skipper 7000

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Skipper® 7000 is a versatile multi-functional counter-top scale with receipt printer for both store or ambulant businesses.

Skipper® 7000 offers you a complete package of features that is rarely seen on a scale in this class, ensuring that you and your business stand out from the crowd.

Skipper® 7000 has been conceived to make your life easier and offers you great support whatever retail environment and sales situation you are in.

Skipper® 7000 is easy to operate, easy to connect and designed to evolve with fast and easy update techniques.

Advanced PC Service Software
Skipper® 7000 comes with an advanced PC Service Software to enable you to set up your scale quickly and easily. Skipper® 7000 marks the next-generation scale of the OHAUS RI Series. Since the PC Service Software is compatible with most legacy products of OHAUS, you can switch to Skipper® 7000 whenever it matches your individual needs and financial planning – without spending time to enter all your data again. Simply decide when it is the right time for you for next-generation weighing. Furthermore the Skipper® 7000 PC Service Software provides you with a comprehensive set of features to enhance your workflow, reporting and selling power.

Applications : Weighing and price computing, ticket printing
  • operator side: 5.7' colorful display with active operator guidance – Superior readability and guidance for each operational step ensures short learning curve.
  • customer side: LCD with backlight & one-line dot matrix
Operation : AC Adapter (Included) or Rechargeable Batteries (available as an Accessory)
Communication 2 RS232; 2 RJ45 Ethernet; 3 USB; 1 RJ11 Cash box
DHCP support
Automatic network set-up requires no computer skills, no need to enter any IP address or to be concerned about configuration data.
Construction : ABS housing with stainless steel platform
Design Features
Easy programming, 5000 PLU memory, 99 groups, multiple payments, duplicate tickets, fast 72-key keyboard, up to 52x2 preset keys, floating vendor, PC data management
Update via USB Host : No computer or cable is needed to update or back-up item data like PLUs.
Built-in Wi-Fi solution : Protected against humidity and damage allowing to use the scale in various environments.
• Easy one-click data management – Export all data at once.
• Multitude of software functionalities – Manage sales and PLU data.
• Automated scale detection – No need to enter IP address to identify a scale.
• Customized keyboard layout – Design conveniently your keyboard layout via the PC software.
• Floating vendor – Allows operators to work at several different scales.
• Multiple preset tare – Simplifies the weighing process for the operator.
• Flexible reports – Choose any reporting time period from today to ‘since last delete’.
• PLU management – Allocate PLU database to group and category.
• Fast tender – Increase transaction closing time.
• High-speed thermal printer – For quick weighing service.
• Centrally located receipt output – Easily accessible on the front, allowing fast paper changes, equally suitable for right-handed and left-handed operators.
• Front USB Host – Easily accessible for fast PLU data updates in your day to day work, thus avoiding time-losses due to difficult access to the most important interface.
• Automatic data back-up – Reduce the risk of data loss by using auto data back-up.
Model #:           Maximum Capacity      Readability     Readability (Certified)

S71P15D-E        6 kg/15 kg                  2 g;5 g          2 g;5 g
S71P15-E           15 kg                         5 g                5 g
S71P30D-E         15 kg/30 kg                5 g;10 g        5 g;10 g
S71P15D-W        6 kg/15 kg                  2 g;5 g          2 g;5 g
S71P15-W          15 kg                         5 g                5 g
S71P30D-W        15 kg/30 kg                5 g;10 g        5 g;10 g

Barcode type

Barcode EAN 8 with Ticket ID  
Barcode EAN 8 with Item Number
Barcode EAN 8 with Total price  
Barcode EAN 13 with Ticket ID + Vendor ID  
Barcode EAN 13 with Ticket ID + Total price  
Barcode EAN 13 with "flag" fix identifier (21) + Item Number + Total price
Maximum Capacity :  15 kg
Readability :  5 g
Readability (Certified) : 5 g
Platform Size (LxW) : 240 mm x 359 mm
Communication : 2 RS232;  2 RJ 45 ethernet;  3 USB;  1 Cash box support RJ 11
Power : 100–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz 0.8A internal power supply
Battery Life : Not Applicable
Dimensions (HxLxW) : 172 mm x 410 mm x 360 mm
Display : QVGA 5.7 inch color TFT
In-use cover : No
Legal for Trade :  EC Type Approved;  OIML
Platform Construction :  Stainless Steel
Printer Type Thermal Transfer
Printing Resolution : 203 dpi (8 dots per mm)
Protection Rating :  Not Applicable
Tare Range : To capacity by subtraction
Units of Measurement : Kilogram
Working Environment : Temperature: -10°C – 40°C,
                                  Humidity: 85%RH, non-condensation
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