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Skipper 5000

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Skipper 5000
Economic Weighing and Ticket Printing - Make your Life Simpler
Skipper® 5000 is an economic price computing scale with receipt printer designed to make your work simpler.
A down-to-earth and functional scale  based on years of experience, durable due to its highquality  components.
Skipper® 5000 represents an easy-to-service solution for all  ambulant and small shops.
The scale is fast enough for your weighing  requirements even during peak hours.
An optional battery kit makes you  independent from power grids.             
Applications : Weighing and price computing, ticket printing
Display : LCD with backlight & one-line dot matrix
Operation : AC Adapter (Included) or Rechargeable Batteries (available as an Accessory)
Communication : 3 RS232; 2 RJ45 Ethernet; 3 USB; 1 RJ11 Cash box
Construction : ABS housing with stainless steel platform
Design : Easy programming, 3500 PLU memory, 99 groups, multiple payments, duplicate tickets, fast 63-key keyboard, up to 35x2 preset keys, floating vendor, PC data management
• Electromagnetic Compatibility: 10 V/m in accordance with EMC Directive, OIML R76
• Certificate: Quality management certificate ISO9001
Environmental management certificate ISO14001

Lead acid battery kit (12 V, 5.5 Ah) : ref 30211290
Tower kit : ref 30257157
External 12/24V connector kit : ref 30235164
Functional to the core – incorporating many years of experience
Convenient: Data mobility via USB. USB host as a simple and convenient way to transfer and back-up data (e.g. item data, configuration) from/to USB.
Operate independent from plugs and power grids with rechargeable batteries (optional) or make use of the floating vendor function (optional).
Durable – due to high-quality components
Resilient: With its aluminum-based housing construction and its stainless-steel platter Skipper® 5000 ensures food safety compliance and is resilient, even under harsh conditions with e.g. dust, cold, heat or moisture.

Economic – pay only for what you need
Flexible: Skipper® 5000 comes with basic functions. The scale features an evolving software platform, giving you
the possibility to add optional functions and updates precisely in line with your needs.
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