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Control the temperature of your climatic chamber, your fridges, your vaccine storage freezers.

The VFC2000 is a low-cost vaccine temperature monitoring system, recording temperatures as low as -100 °C.
Includes ISO17025 accredited calibration certificate.

Capable of measuring and recording temperatures as low as -100 °C,  the MadgeTech VFC2000 comes with all the tools needed to ensure vaccine  distribution and storage plans are operating in compliance with CDC and  VFC regulations.
A simple solution for continuous vaccine temperature monitoring, the VFC2000 displays current,  minimum, and maximum readings as well as a battery level indicator. Equipped with an LED  indicator, the VFC2000 reminds users to conduct the required 24-hour temperature check.
If  temperatures fluctuate out-of-range, the VFC2000 will trigger an audio and visual alert.

VFC2000 (with Glycol Bottle 30ml)    269-902238-00
VFC2000 (No Glycol Bottle)                    269- 902311-00
Benefits & Features

• Continuous Real-Time Monitoring: Get current, max, min and average readings on the spot with the large, easy-to-read display
• Low Temperature Monitoring: Measure temperatures as low as -100 °C  
• Audible and Visual Alerts: Instantly notify staff when thresholds are in danger
• LED Indicators: Reminds users to conduct the required 24-hour temperature check
• Calibration Certificate Included: Annual or biennial calibration option
• Simple Set-Up and Operation: Any user can set-up and operate in minutes
• Easy Reporting: Satisfies all CDC and VFC requirements using the free MadgeTech 4 Software
Optional Equipment: 30 ml glycol bottle buffer also available

Memory                                                  16,128 readings (all channels enabled)
Reading Rate                                       1 reading every second up to 1 reading every 24 hours
Cold Junction                                      CompensationAutomatic based on internal channel
Battery Life                                          3 years typical at 1 minute reading rate
Material                                                  ABS Plastic
Dimensions                                           76.2 mm x 88.9 mm x 24.1 mm - Data logger only
Operating Environment               -20 °C to +60 °C , 0 %RH to 95 %RH non-condensing
Required Interface Package       USB to Mini USB Cable
Weight                                                    1.1250 LBS
Baud Rate                                              250,000


Internal Channel Temperature Sensor                                       Semiconductor
Internal Channel Temperature Range                                        -20 °C to 60 °C
Internal Channel Temperature Resolution                             0.01 °C  
Internal Channel Temperature Calibrated Accuracy        ±0.5 °C (0 °C to +50 °C)
Remote Channel Temperature Sensor                                      Type K Thermocouple (Included)
Remote Channel (Thermocouple) Temperature Range  -100 °C to +80 °C  
Remote Channel (Glycol Bottle) Temperature Range     -50 °C to +80 °C
Remote Channel Temperature Resolution                             0.1 °C  
Remote Channel Temperature Calibrated Accuracy       ±0.5 °C
Ear measuring instrument, Measuring of Deep-Drawn Cups, for cups of 15 – 50 mm diameter, max. 100 mm cup height

The Model 126 Plus ear measuring instrument consists of a turntable and a vertical gauge head with a roller.
By a jaw chuck, the cup is centered and fixed.
The gauge head can be positioned to different cups heights and diameters. While revolving around its own axis, the gauge head is measuring the shape of the cup’s edge.
This waveform of the cup’s edge is called earring.

Purpose and Application:

The Ear Measuring Instrument, Model 126 Plus, is designed for the axial measurement of deep-drawn cups and raw cans.
Typical standards are DIN EN 1669 and ISO 11531.

All measurement results are displayed on a screen.
Results can be archived as files.
Sheet metal anisotropy and deep drawing parameters will result in different earring values.
The detailed determination of parameters discloses tool wear and the quality of the deep-drawing material used.

Test principle:

The operator starts the measurement process by PC or directly at the device.
Pneumatically activated, the gauge head will move towards the cup.
The turntable will rotate by 360°.
After completion, the measurement head will move to idle position.
This facilitates a rapid cup exchange.

Due to its flexible concept this instrument is also applicable for all similar tasks.
Operation software is included. A PC is to be supplied by the customer.

ADP Precision Balance

• LCD backlight display, digits of 15 mm.
• External calibration.
• Stainless steel pan.
• Weighing pan dimensions: Ø160 mm
• Scale with acoustic notification (buzzer).
• Operating temperature: +10ºC +30ºC.
• Power supply: AC/DC 100-240VAC 50/60Hz.
• Multiple units of measure: gram, ounce, carat, pennyweight.
• RS232 output.
• Weighing system with load cell.

• Zero
• Tare
• Piece counting
• Determination of percentage
• Checkweigher
Code #       Capacity     Readout   Pan dimensions    Packing  dimensions     Packing  weight
                             (g)                      (g)                   (mm)                               (mm)                                  (kg)                          
261364          2200                      0,01                     Ø160                          430x320x180                              4
261365          4200                      0,01                     Ø160                          430x320x180                              4
261366          6200                      0,01                     Ø160                          430x320x180                              4
Height Measuring Instrument  AHM-450C   &  AHM-600C

Carmar Auto Height Measuring Instrument is a standing digital con-coordinate measuring machine based on precision machinery, modern sensor technique and
electronic technology. lt is widely used in precision
machinery, hardware, plastic, etc.
lt can be used to measure the distance between two planes, depth of hale, groove wrdtb, and diameter, center distance, maximum and minimum value of hale and
ln addition, when conhgured with electronic probe, it is possible to measure verticality
Model                                                        AHM-450C                                               AHM-600C
Effective measuring range            450 mm                                                       600 mm
Max. measuring height (mm         770 (change probe's direction)     920 (change probe's direction)
Resolution (μm)                                                                                    0.5
Accuracy (μm)                                                                                  2+L/500                                                       
Verticality of front (um)                    6                                                                       8
(after e-probe is amended)
Repeatability :                                                                     plane: 1.0μm. curve: 2.0μm           
Speed recommended(mm/s)                                                          15                                                          
Max. electrical speed(mm/s)                                                           25                                                         
Max. Manual speed (mm/s)                                                             400                                                    
Power supply                                                                   12V rechargeable battery pack
Air supplyair pressure                                                       ≧0.4Mpa, flow≧30/min
Temperature                                                                                       10-40°C
Weight(kgs)                                                    36                                                               40
Total height (mm)                                        900                                                            1050
Carmar Auto Height Measuring Instrument

can be used to measure :

  1. the distance between two planes,
  2. depth of hole,
  3. groove width, and diameter,
  4. center distance,
  5. maximum and minimum value of hole and groove.

In addition, when configured with electronic probe, it is possible to measure verticality.

1.  Outstanding accuracy performance, 2+L/500μm, Repeatability in plane: 1.0μm
2.  One-touch functions allow multiple metrology measurements.
3.  Pneumatic floatation in pedestal makes it easy to measure.
4.  Granite Pneumatic floatation mechanical structure, high accuracy and small deformation at temperature difference.
5.  Auto measuring- high efficiency, and high stability and reliability.
6.  Verticality measuring is available for option.
7.  Output data to RS232 allowed.
Color and Gloss Unit SPEKTROMASTER 565

Spectrophotometer, precise colour representation using numerical values, 45° geometry

Colour and glossiness are what characterize the appearance of an object.
Two samples of the same colour but with different glosses do not visually look the same: the glossy surface is perceived as darker and more saturated.
Both of these effects must be well controlled in order to achieve a consistent appearance.
In comparison with the colour meters from other suppliers, the SPEKTROMASTER measures colour and gloss at the same time!
The reason for any deviation can be clearly determined in any situation.
For color measurement, there have been two  different methods established, each specifically  preferred by the users due to the concerning desired  application:
For measurements due to the allusion to a visually valued impression.
Also for a lot of Automotive relevant applications as well as oftentimes for measurements within the final inspection.
(Sphere acc. to Ullbricht) For color matching/ recipe matters, pigment testing, measure- ments of color alternation after weathering exposure.
Generally also for reception control.

is available in two versions, each attached with one of the two  measuring geometries.  

  • Color : 45/0 or sphere  and 60° gloss are  displayed at the same time  
  • In compliance with international specifications  
  • Tolerances for color and gloss allow quick  pass/fail decisions in production
Wireless Alert TP Temperature Alert System

Wireless Alert TP is a battery-powered temperature sensor that sends a warning email if a user-set level is reached.  
Simply select your temperature limits, add an email address and connect to any Wi-Fi network using the Wireless Alert mobile app.
  • -40°C to 125°C temperature probe with 1.5m cable
  • User-configurable high and low temperature limits
  • Sends email alerts and scheduled status reports
  • Flashing alert indicator
  • Wi-Fi connected
  • Simple to set up using the free mobile app
  • Two years' battery life (dependent upon usage scenario)
  • Batteries included
  • No ongoing subscription fees
  • Includes sticky pad for wall mounting
  • The sensor overall cable width Is 3.65mm, height is 1.65mm

To control in a very economical way your fridges, freezers, warehouses, stores, offices, labs, buildings ...
The Wireless Alert TP can be set up to monitor temperature  limits in a variety of applications.
High and low temperature  limits are user-configurable between -40 and 125 °C.
The device will trigger a notification email, sent to a  user-selected address, if the temperature limits are breached  and when the temperature returns to normal. I
In addition to  this, the device can send a scheduled summary email detailing  minimum, maximum and average temperature, as well as  battery level, number of alerts, and total time spent in alert.


  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Door Contact
  • Leak Detection (monitors a surface for liquid)
  • Pipe Temperature Sensor
  • Contact Monitor

One plastiform have the technical ability to perform indirect roughness Ra controls.

The P80 Ra, as its name suggests, is a product capable of copying the roughness of a surface (which is sometimes not accessible for measuring instruments) and transcribing it identically on the imprint.
When the Ra of the surface to be inspected is greater than or equal to 0.4 µm, the roughness can be measured directly on the impression using a roughness meter, and the result is faithful to the original.
For a lower roughness, the inspection of the impression can be done with a laser metrology instrument, or a non contact roughness tester.

Before making the impression, it is essential to clean the part thoroughly with the degreaser DN1 in order not to distort the roughness control.
P80 is a pasty product that will not leak, so you can apply it to any type of surface.
In addition, its polymerization time is 6 to 8 minutes, which will allow you to work the surface of the impression in order to facilitate roughness control.
For example, we recommend roughness meter users to press the impression against the surface to be inspected with a flat object. This way, you will obtain a polymerized impression that is easy to positionnate.
Once the plastiform has cured, allow it 20 to 30 minutes before starting the roughness measurement, this will allow the product to reach its final hardness of 80 Shore A.
This hardness is essential for accurate measurement.

Laboratory Precision Hand Held RTD Digital Thermometer DT-1 (-100°C to 270°C)

Multifunction 0.01°C resolution temperature meter.
High accuracy food laboratory digital thermometer DT-1 can be used in food industry, research institutions and laboratories to control and measure temperature over the range of -100°C to 270°C with 0.07 °C accuracy.
Response time less than 5 sec.
The device was made of ABS material.

Water liquid catering digital thermometer DT-1 is as standard supplied with permanently attached ST01-1100 food penetration sharp-tipped probe 3.3x100mm with PT-1000 sensor and a one meter length curly cable.
Probe easily lances semi-solid products such as fruits, vegetables and cheeses. The probe can also handle liquid and air measurements. Other probe size, length available on request.
We manufactures customized probes for thermometer DT-1 on request.

Pharmacy unversal resistance digital thermometer DT-1 features a easy to read display with max/min function, hold function and low battery indication.
Battery included.

General purpose thermometer DT-1 can be manufactured with any of temperature platinum probe from our offer.

  • measuring in °C
  • resolution 0.01°C
  • display minimal and maximal temperature
  • low battery indication
  • high accuracy
  • PT 1000 sensor
  • hold function
  • simple and fast control

Sensor                                       platinum PT-1000
Temperature range           -100 ° C to 270 ° C
Operating temperature   0 ° C to 40 ° C
Resolution                               0.01 ° C
Accuracy                                   from -10 ° C to 100 ° C: - / + 0.07;
                                                       from 101 ° C to 150 ° C :- / + 0.15
Measuring probe                  standard diameter 3.3 mm, length 100 mm, other size on request
Maximum and minimum temperature           YES
Dimensions                             45 mm × 100 mm × 19 mm
Protection                                IP65-electronics,
Power                                          1x lithium battery 3.6V (1 / 2AA) included
Cable length                              standard 1 m, other size on request
Weight                                          85 g
Operating temperature for cable and handle              100 ° C
Hold function                            YES
Available probes                      Other resistance probes suitable for DT-1  
Probe coversensor's cover material:      acid-resistant steel SS 321
Response time                           less than 5 seconds
Low battery indication          YES
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