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USB Datalogger

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tempmate.®-M1 Multi-Use Temperature Data Logger

tempmate.®-M1 is the most intuitive and cost-effective solution to monitor temperature in fixed locations like warehouses, cold rooms or refrigerators, even along the entire cold chain for temperature sensitive shipments. Then multi-use temperature data loggers are equipped with an integrated USB port and PDF generator, so they do not require any additional software or hardware to read out the data from the logger. With the optional available tempbase.® software you can configure the device and manage the data comfortable on your PC if needed. This software is available for free and can be requested here. The multi-use loggers are very easy to handle and the all relevant information can be checked on the LCD by clicking the buttons.

The generated PDF report contains comprehensive information about the monitored conditions: Complete data graph, statistical information like MIN, MAX, AVG, MKT, cumulated time outside thresholds and every single measurement in a table. Please click for tempmate.®-M1 PDF sample report.

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