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RTD - Hamster

Temperature > T° Monitoring
Hamster ET1  &  Hamster ET1-D
- Temperature recording with internal probe from -40°C to +70°C
- Robust, shock-resistant casing; easy to mount with lockable mounting  bracket
- ET1: Alarm and status with LED in small window  Casing IP 67
- sealed (dustproof, temporary submersion in water     possible)
- ET1-D: Alarm and values in display  Casing IP 65
- ET1-D: Alarm and values in display  Casing IP 65
- sealed (dustproof, protection against water jets)

Hamster ET2
Temperature recording with 2 external probes from -90°C to +260°C
- For external temperature probe; type PT1000, 2-wire- Large 2 line display
- Alarm and status in display - “Battery low” display
- Robust, shock-resistant casing, easy to mount with lockable mounting bracket
Casing IP 65-sealed (dustproof, protection against water jets)

General technical data:
Large data memory with 32,000 measured values
- Small current consumption with typical  battery life of 2-3 years
- Battery change by user
- Selectable recording interval from 10 seconds to 24 hours
- Start/stop and loop memory mode
- Waterproof rating ET1= IP67  / ET2=IP65

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