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Analysis System QUANTIZ®

Combination of hard- and software, especially for image capture and image analysis at corrosion tests

Scribe delamination
Edge corrosion
Corrosion on the surface
Purpose and Application

QUANTIZ® provides an automatic evaluation and documentation of various corrosion samples.

The Analysis System QUANTIZ® is a combination ofhardware and software, especially for the automatic evaluation and documentation of various corrosion samples; connectable via USB cable to standard laptops / PCs (must be provided by the user).

Evaluation of results by camera system vs. manual result evaluation

• Any visual or manual evaluation, y ranking or classifying of the results is suffering
of the following:
– Visual evaluation & judgment trough the users‘ eyes include the “human error“
– Individual impression by the user is time-limited in his mind & remembrance.
– No digital documentation.
• An automatic evaluation by a digital vision system can provide the following advantages:
– Exclusion of the “human error“.
– “Impression” is exchanged against measurement and the validity & access to the values is not time-limited.
– Objective, precise and repeatable results.
– Digital communication
• EN ISO 21227-2 is making a good approach to describe a standard vision system to achieve reliable results.
• Design parameters of EN ISO 21227-2 as the following:
– Pixel resolution: min 6 pixel / mm
– Illumination: Diffuse bright field (recommended)
– Area of Interest (AOI): 70 mm x 70 mm (recommended)
– Threshold setting: by means of reference samples according ISO 20567-1
• Available vision system for evaluation of chipped samples
– Quantiz can be used to analyze chipped samples and corrosion samples.
– For chipped samples Quantiz provides
• damaged area (specified in %)
• number of impacts
• Storage of numerical results together with image
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