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Temperature - Climatic conditions > Central Monitoring
Wire & Wireless Data Acquistion Solution
You want to control of the whole industrial process: production, storage and transport. with unlimited monitoring points in every area. These system provides not only a data backup but also a real time monitoring.

Information at your fingertips…
… Easy and secure with the Central Monitoring System from ELPRO.
No more moving from datalogger to datalogger to monitor and download information.
Now you can review and analyze recorded temperature, humidity, CO2, particles or pressure differential data from any PC in your lab and continue to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GLP, GMP, Annex 11 and GAMP 5.

Easy to setup…
… and easy to use. With the ELPRO Central Monitoring System you get a system you understand and that works for everyone every day. The modular system offers a perfect solution for the documentation of climatic parameters and is a refreshing alternative to complicated and inflexible monitoring systems.

Security and reliability...
Reliable daily performance and a high level of data safety. It is your number one concern. Now you can relax. Join the many pharmaceutical and biopharma research labs, the hospitals and medical institutes relying on ELPRO’s advanced datalogging solutions.

Link to discover the demo Central Monitoring System!!%20Live%20Webcam

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