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Metrology > Optical measuring system

Certify quality in production.
The MTP range is an optical measuring machine capable of controlling multiple pieces from minute to medium-sized in a single scan. With its innovative horizontal layout, MTP provides a completely extractable stage where the pieces can be positioned freely.
Its free 180° access facilitates automatic loads. MTP is specifically designed to work on the shopfloor.

Shop floor profile analysis: Circuit boards, flat gears and sheared parts inspected in just a few seconds
Optical measuring machines for flat parts.
Check 100% of your production.

Hundreds of measurements in just one scan
  • Distance between points and lines
  • Internal and external radii
  • Angles
  • Parallelism, symmetries, orthogonalities
  • Any geometric profiles
  • Comparison with theoretical dimensions in the
  • DXF file
  • Self-programmed tools for direct application
  • Instant Report to trace the quality of single or multiple pieces.
  • Step master and thermal probes to compensate temperature drifts.
  • User friendly software, specifically designed for each application.
  • Closed optical scale located inside the main frame combines accuracy with low maintenance.
  • Camera and optics are protected inside the housing, to reduce cleaning operations.
  • Extractable stage for easy access and multipart loading.
  • Solid structure, industrial design, brushless motors for multi-shift use.
It scans the entire area in 10 seconds, reducing inspection time.

Inspects more than one piece at a time, ideal for end of line control where speed is essential

Pallet Change
Combines multi-piece inspection with a rapid pallet change system to reduce positioning and unloading times.

Large measuring field
Single 170x300 mm field with unique accuracy features.

Self tracking
Free hand rapid positioning, no need for accurate placement.

Completely extractable surface on machine front providing access from three sides and from above. Facilitates operator and enables automatic loading.

Compares the entire theoretical profile or part of it, with thousands of points taken on the piece.

Result of the measurements on histograms, reports of measured pieces can be run directly on the machine by the operator, in just one click.
The measurements can be exported to the office for statistical control.

Easy to use
Just one click carries out all measurements and the simplified operator interface means no training is required.

Dedicated tools
Designed to speed up the programming of specific features.

Stable at varying temperatures
3 integrated thermal probes and on-board master to verify and correct settings.

Off-line programming
Possibility to program from the comfort of the office, the same images acquired by the machine, so inspection on the shop floor is not slowed down.
MTP 15 Microcheck

High resolution for smaller parts, a specific solution for micro mechanics and micro-components
  • Medical devices, watch elements, micro-assembled parts.
  • Designed for the smallest details.
  • Offers a working range of 290x15 mm. Able to capture images in sizes up to 290 Mega pixels.
  • The direct access design facilitates loading and unloading of even the most difficult to manage pieces.
  • An intuitive graphical interface, combined with a large screen, allows you to enlarge the element.
  • A view of the live image of the piece provides the opportunity to assess the conditions of the profile, free of burrs and dirt.
MTP 120 Speedcheck

Fast performance for large quantities
  • An area measuring 120 x 290 mm to inspect large elements, such as electric circuits, matrices and plastic components, in a single scan up to 80 Mega
  • pixels in less than 10 seconds Its linear sensor provides a stable measurement, which is unaffected by light conditions in the working environment.
  • The ideal solution for batch control both in acceptance and during final inspection.
  • Special optics control parts with greater thickness.
  • Electric circuits, matrices, plastic components, couplings parts
MTP 170 Multicheck

Large work area combined with high resolution for multi-piece applications
  • It combines an area measuring 290x170 mm at a resolution of 250 Mega pixels, to capture even the smallest details.
  • The wide area measurement allows you to control all components in less than 10 seconds.
  • The retractable shelf and tray make loading multipiece parts easy and fast.
  • The open stage design allows for the use of robotpowered loading devices.
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