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Model 616

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Corrosion Testing Apparatus, Model 618

Testing Apparatus to carry out tests in altering climates as well as various salt spray and condensation water tests

Corrosion chamber inclusive interface for connecting an Air Conditioning Unit

In connection with preparatory treatment techniques and new materials, coating systems have achieved a high technical level. In addition, growing working requirements and environmental aspects are leading to further improvements of the coating systems.
Therefore corrosion tests for quick quality monitoring and examination of weakest points are now as before indispensable.
All corrosion testing instruments of the 618 series are „Made in Germany“. The test chambers are made of special resistant glass fibre reinforced plastic and are suitable for low-temperature cycles (down to -40 °C) and dry heat (up to +70 °C).
The salt spray cabinets are opened pneumatically, and therefore both hands can be used to handle the test samples. The ergonomic design of the combined cabinet/chest shaped instrument enables a very user- friendly placing in of the test samples.
Different sample holder are available as accessories. All relevant test parameters are entered and read using a “Full Color Touch Panel“ with multilingual menu navigation.
By simply touching the display the required functions can be initiated. The graphics display indicates the set and the actual value, shows graphically the course of the last 72 hours.
Via touch-screen operation the user can store up to 40 main programmes, which can each consist of 50 individual steps. Therefore tests in varying climatic condition with differing specifications from the automotive standards can be pre-programmed.
Furthermore, the basic instrument is equipped with a humidity regulation function, which allows the regulation during tests from ambient conditions up to 95 % relative humidity.
The actual temperature as well as the air humidity are displayed both graphically and numerically.
The 618 series are equipped with a control unit for the humidity for tests from ambient conditions up to 95% (+/-5%) relative humidity and up to a mximum temperature of 50 °C. During salt spray tests the humidity sensor removed pneumatically from the test chamber.

Three different models are available :

  • Corrosion Testing Instrument, Model 618, with 400 l cabinet volume, incl. 6 specimen holder for weathering panels
  • Corrosion Testing Instrument, Model 618, with 1000 l cabinet volume, incl. 8 specimen holder for weathering panels
  • Corrosion Testing Instrument, Model 618, with 2000 l cabinet volume, incl. 16 specimen holder for weathering panels
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