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Metrology > Optical measuring system
Optical measuring machines
for the use in the shop floor

Designed for the metal cutting and stamping industry, for manufacturers of punched parts, laser cut parts, EDM products, plastic stamping products, seals, electric circuits and for mechanical shop floors in general.

Maximum versatility - No measurement limits
Suitable for any production environment
Metrios is an optical measuring machine for bi-dimensional control that allows operators to perform accurate and objective quality control tests directly in production, when parts are incoming, or during final inspection prior to shipment.
Simply place the piece to be measured on the stage, press a button and the instrument will detect, refer and measure the element to be inspected.
Measuring directly on the shopfloor means operators can immediately intervene in the production process, keeping production within tolerance and using the data acquired by the instrument to implement tool offset changes in real time.
During setup and batch changeover stages, the machine saves up to one hour of downtime, reducing the measuring time of the first pieces produced.
The benefits of a Metrios machine in production clearly provide rapid returns on investment.

Telecentric backlighting

Maximum accuracy and minimum environmental conditioning.

Annular illumination

16-sector illumination with up to 640 light points on two independently configurable and high-intensity sources to eliminate environmental conditioning.

Coaxial episcopic

Provides telecentric illumination without reducing or impeding access to the work surface.
Vertical adjustment
of measuring stage

100 mm range of adjustment, unique in its category, for measuring thick elements.
Independent annular
illumination system

Independent from both the optics and the plane of focus. The angle of incidence of the lights can be adjusted without any restrictions.
  • Vision unit made up of telecentric illuminator, coaxial telecentric episcopic illuminator, 16-sector annular illuminator - 8 external oblique angle and 8 internal gradual angle.
  • Matrix camera on telecentric lens with 60x75mm measuring field.
  • The stage movement group is made up of a vertical linear axis activated by a brushless motor.
  • Slide with annular illuminator on prismatic guide with vertical adjustment and position indicator.
  • Multi-touch PC with Windows 7 or upgrade.
  • Metrios application for the management and maintenance of the measurement station, for analysis configuration and for the display and archiving of measurement results. Configuration is user friendly, with measurements made directly on the image.
  • First save your standard with dimensions, tolerances and targeted results. Then control your samples by simply pushting a button.
Measurement Software
Fully developed by Metrios programmers, the measurement software is subdivided into two macro-environments (production and programming) to combine simplicity of use and maximum versatility.

Production software environment:
Designed to be user-friendly, this environment is extremely practical and intuitive, with a 17" on-board multi-touch panel. The traffic light or histogram display gives an immediate good/reject result.
The operator can load a "part program", check all the measurements with a single click, print a complete graphic report and monitor the drift of each measurement to implement the tool offset and save the data for statistical purposes.
The operator sees the live image of the piece directly on the screen and has the same practical sensation as when using the profile projector. With the help of the graph, areas with out of tolerance measurements can be highlighted, allowing the operator to immediately check the level of cleanliness of the piece, or if there are any burrs or irregularities that may have affected the measurement.

Programming software environment:
Developed to express the full calculation potential of the machine, it offers the possibility to intuitively program each individual measurement, operating and combining the different lighting systems.
Each measurement obtained may be included in or excluded from the measurement report, the statistics or the operator production panel.
Programming is done directly on the live image of the piece, a feature that provides a clear vision of the conditions of the detail to be measured (size, level of finishing, level of cleanliness, clamping conditions…).
The image of the piece is displayed with the exact same orientation as when loaded onto the machine so that even small and symmetrical pieces are quick and easy to read.

The programming environment is also available “off-line”, so programming can be done from the comfort of the office, while maintaining the same accuracy given by the creation of the programs on the live image of the piece, including clamping.

Metrios MT7065 has an internal modem for remote connection to the on-line Metrios assistance that allows technicians to intervene in real time to solve problems and provide software updates.
List of standard measurements included in Metrios MT7065 application

• Service measurements: line-line, line-plane, line-circumference, circle-circle intersections, plane, known diameter position, axis, distances, min/max point
• Diameter measurements: average, minimum, maximum, turned, average sphere.
• Angle and cone angle measurements.
• Radius measurements (quoted radius, compared radius).
• Comparison measurements and mathematical calculations: point distance, off-set, difference, sine, cosine, tangent, etc.
• Thread measurements: pitch, height, diameter (maximum, minimum, average, roll), crest angle.
• Conical thread measurements: pitch, height, conicity, average diameter, crest angle.
• Geometric measurements: straightness, perpendicularities, parallelisms, symmetry.
The range Metrios presents 15 models divided into 3 product lines:
  • Classic
  • Basic
  • Plus

Each product line has the following basic models:
•             MT7560 - 30 µm pixel size – Max in Z axis 100 mm- 5 µm of accuracy.
             For Versatile uses with the best quality-price ratio.
•             MT7575 - 15 µm pixel size
             Capture the details of even the smallest components
•             MT11080 - 22 µm pixel size
             Ideal for large pieces up to 100 mm
•             MT75 S - 30 µm pixel size
              Fitted with a sliding stage along the X axis, it provides a wide working area at the right prince
•             MT100 S - 22 µm pixel size
              Fitted with a sliding stage along the X axis, it combines a great working area at the high resolution

The Classic line
This line has a ring light with 16 adjustable independent sectors with double tilt level.
The vertical adjustment of the position of the ring light is manual (by rack and pinion).

The Basic line
This line has 8 independent sectors.
The vertical position of the ring light is fixed (not adjustable).
The Basic line is ideal for simple applications for quick and easy control.

The Plus line
This line has a ring light with 16 adjustable independent sectors with double tilt level.
The vertical adjustment of the position of the ring light is powered and fully automatic.
The Plus line is dedicated to those who need an effective surface control, repeatable and high performers.

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