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Machinist Calc Pro

Machinist Calc Pro Model 4089

Increase your shop's productivity and profitability.
Precise. Fast. Easy to Use. Convenient.

Fast, precise machining calculations
• Speedsand Feeds
• Built-in Drill and Thread Size Tables
• Bolt Pattern hole layouts
• 3-Wire measurements
• Right Triangle Math/Trigonometry
 Speeds and Feeds calculate for milling, turning and drilling; cutting speed, spindle speed (RPM), feed rate (IPM), cutting feed, feed per tooth/chip load
 Right Triangle Math ‐ plus trigonometric functions
 Drill Points ‐ enter the cutting angle and drill size to calculate the drill point cut depth
 Bolt Pattern Hole Layouts ‐ enter start angle, number of bolts, diameter and optional x, y offset; calculate x and y coordinates. Find center‐to‐center spacing for bolt pattern layouts
 3‐Wire Measure ‐ enter Wire Size (or use calculated Best Wire size) and 3‐Wire Measurement to calculate pitch diameter
 Built‐in Drill and Thread Size Tables ‐ save time and steps (Compliant with ANSI/ASME B1.1‐2003 and ANSI/ASME B1.13M‐2005) Together
Additional Features:
 Metric and U.S. Unit Entries and Conversions
 Decimal Inches/mils
 Feet‐Inch‐Fractions
 m, mm, cm
 Area, Volume and Weight
 Thread Classification Tables
 Metric Internal (14) 3G‐9G and 3H‐9H
 External (28) 3g‐9g, 3h‐9h, 3e‐9e, 3f‐9f
 U.S. Internal (3) 1B, 2B, 3B
 External (3) 1A, 2A, 3A
 Works as a Standard Calculator
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