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Laboratory dissolvers

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Laboratory Dissolvers and Pilot Dissolvers, Mixers and Mills.
Dispermill® Laboratory Dissolvers

  • Compact Full color LCD screen integrated on front.
  • Multi Jog LED Interface knob, to give much faster control on the menu:
  • Adjustable Timer with automatic stop
  • Speed control starting from zero.
  • Readout of Ampere.
  • Readout of product temperature.
  • New attractive design.
  • Ergonomic lifting handle.

Smallest high speed laboratory dissolver
  • from 100 ml - 3 liter
  • 0,30 kW / 0,4 HP
  • 0 -10.000 RPM
  • 0,5 Nm
  • 230 Volt/50 Hz +/-10%
  • weight 26 KG
  • 500x360x710mm. H

Pilot Dissolvers / Floormodels

The Dispermill® Floormodel can produce outstanding results on most applications. Low noise drive system with continuous adjustable speed.
PID electronics ensures constant speed even when viscosity changes.

Dispermill® Dissolver
from 60 liter - 500 liter

  • from 60 liter till 500 liter
  • from 4 kW till 11 kW
  • 250-2.500 RPM
  • 400 Volt +/-10%
  • weight 500 KG - 1000 KG
  • 800 x1000 x 3350mm. H

High Speed Planetary Mixer
This new line of high shear centrifugal mixers has both dual speeds and vacuum versions.
The Dispermill® High speed Mixer performs the best homogenous mass of the best quality in a short time
  • Removing Airbubbles from your product by centrifugal force and container rotation adjustment.
  • Make it possible to perform uniform mixture between different  raw materials and liquids with different specific gravity.
  • Even materials with extreme high viscosities of thousands of mPa.s can be done very easily with one of the Dispermill® machines.

Examples of applied materials:
Epoxy resin, Silicone resin, Acrylic resin, Urethane resin, Polyimide, Wax, Grease, Lubricant, Oil, Various solvents, Silver powder, Gold powder, Copper powder, Carbon, Aluminum Pigment, Phosphor, Calcium carbonate, Tungsten, Titanium, Glass powder, Colorants.
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