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Ecolog Unlimited

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ECOLOG Cloud Unlimited

     The Unlimited system offers scalability for your diverse environments      and multiple locations across the world.    
     Storage on highly secure ELPRO servers guarantees security of your data      and keeps you always up-to-date.
Full performance guarantee with high      cost efficiency.
ECOLOG Unlimited
The software elproMONITOR, integrated into your IT infrastructure and database, monitors hundreds and thousands of measurement points.
Pharmaceutical production facility with four clean rooms, several labs, and storage areas – 516 measurement points

Configuration example: pharma production

• elproMONITOR on your IT infrastrucure
• 23 × LBR
• 60 × 4MA
• 84 × 4PT
• 12 × 4DI
• 18 × 4DO
Cost efficiency
• Monitor environmental conditions in your research,  production, and storage facilities at the lowest TCO

Compatible, scalable, and always accessible
• Modular, scalable solution with wired or wireless sensor options
• Compatible with ECOLOG-NET and the powerful new  ECOLOG-PRO loggers
• Integration of third-party loggers (e.g. particle counters) via plug-ins

Enterprise capabilities
• Integration with your existing user management (Active Directory)
• Manage various sites with a single integrated solution
• Full access to server and database infrastructure allows  for flexible integration with any other system

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