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Ecolog Plug&Play

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ECOLOG Plug&Play
Easy-to-install ECOLOG Plug&Play is ideal for smaller environments up to 50 measurement points.  
This solution offers all the functionalities of the powerful elproMONITOR software, while compatible with existing ECOLOG-NET data  loggers and new ECOLOG-PRO modules.     

Keep control of your valuable data.
ECOLOG Plug&Play
The powerful elproMONITOR software, preinstalled on the ECOLOG-PRO Base, connects up to 50 measurement points using wired or wireless communication and measurement modules.

Configuration example: warehouse
High bay racking and cold storage room, both to be monitored with radio modules – 38 measurement points
  • elproMONITOR on ECOLOG-PRO Base
  • 2 × RBR
  • 4 × 1THR
  • 8 × 2PTR
  • 14 × 1NTR

Cost efficiency
• All-in-one, calibrated and validated, Swiss  engineered system results in lowest TCO

Compatible, scalable, and always accessible
• Wired or wireless sensor options
• Compatible with ECOLOG-NET and  the powerful new ECOLOG-PRO loggers

Convenience and usability for any size facilities
• No installation required – just plug and play
• Sensor-based configuration, powerful user  management, automated notifications,  and reporting
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