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Ecolog Cloud

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Wire & Wireless Data Acquistion Solution

You want to control of the whole industrial process: production, storage and transport, with unlimited monitoring points in every area.
These system provides not only a data backup but also a real time monitoring.
ECOLOG Cloud For a few measurement points at one or several remote locations.
No involvement of IT, no software installation: all data is in the ECOLOG Cloud and always up to date.

Configuration example : pharmacy
Two fridges and a sales room to be monitored using the  existing WLAN infrastructure – 6 measurement points
• elproMONITOR on ELPRO-hosted servers
• 1 × 2PTW
• 2 × 1THW
ECOLOG Cloud offers the ideal monitoring solution for a few measurement points at one or several remote locations - no IT infrastructure needed,  fully GxP compliant.     

All data is automatically archived in the ECOLOG Cloud and you can access the data anytime from anywhere via web browser.

Cost efficiency
• Zero investment for GxP compliant monitoring – only periodic fees per sensor

Easy set-up and always up to date
• Fully automated
• Simple to install – order the wireless transmitter,  check in online, get started
• Always have the latest version of ELPRO’s  best-in-class monitoring solution available

Compliant and secure
• Carefree compliance – automated GxP  compliant reports
• Data stored on highly secure ELPRO servers
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