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Chalking Tester

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ZHC 1200 HELMEN®-Chalking Tester

The degree of chalking, is a measure for the amount of particles exposed by chalking, is determined by the reduction in the intensity of light passing through an adhesive tape after applying it to the coating.
Chalking is the appearance of a loosely adherent fine powder on the surface of a paint coating arising from the degradation or one or more ot its contituents (DIN EN ISO 4628).
The chalking tester wich measures the chalking resulting from natural or artificial weathering of coatings is based on the analytical principle of nephelometry and the adhesive tape method according to Helmen.
Another application possibility is the determination of the light-transmitting properties of samples, e.g. foils and similar products.
  • Unique measuring instrument for quantitative determination of degree of chalking resulting from natural or artificial weathering of coatings
  • Direct measurement of the light-transmitting properties (luminous transmittance) of samples
  • The very first chalking tester with a touchscreen where you can immediately read off the degree of chalking
  • Superior sensitivity at the most crucial initial chalking stages and high accuracy also with regard to coloured pigments
  • Easy to handle
  • Reliable and objective measuring results
  • Reproducible, operator independent results
Measuring range :  0 % - 100 % chalking (relative)
Measuring area  : Ø 14 mm  
Accuracy :  ± 1 %
Display, monochrome touchscreen :  128 x 64 Pixel, white luminous display
Power supply : battery or USB-powered
Dimensions :  (LxWxH) 154 mm x 105 mm x 33.2 mm
Dimensions samples for transmittance :  length: min. 32 mm, width: min. 16 mm - max. 25 mm, thickness: max. 3 mm
Weight :  613 g
Standards :  ECCA T14, EN 13523-14, ISO 4628-6
Warranty : 2 years

  • Results can be reproduced impartially as no element of visual judgement applies, i.e. independent of the individual executing the test.
  • Superior sensitivity in the most crucial initial chalking stages compared to other approaches.
  • Increased accuracy in case of coatings showing chalking of coloured pigments compared to methods based on a contrasting substrate.
  • Up to 70 % relative chalking there is a linear relationship between the measured value and the quantity of loosely adhering pigments.
  • Direct checking of the light transmitting properties.
Standard Delivery :
  • 1 chalking tester
  • 1 specimen holder
  • 2 plastic spatulas
  • 2 batteries type AA
  • 2 rolls special adhesive tape with 1 adhesive tape roller
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 certificate of manufacturer
  • 1 carring case

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