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Hardness Testers > Benchtop > Digital, Automatic Motorized


Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Knoop

Quick and automatic test cycle
A single button initiation starts the automatic sequence comprising travel from any required clearance to auto contact, measurement of the test surface and retraction to a programmed distance. Contact is maintained even on flexible surfaces enabling an ABSOLUTE result to be obtained.
Great time saving especially on dissimilar samples or in repetitive production testing.
Takes only a few seconds to test samples of any size.

The Absolute Hardness Tester
Unparalleled features make this machine a central reference.
The most precise instrument under all test conditions. The first test is valid no need to repeat it for absolute result.

Random sampling
For any sample size or shape, the head moves from any required clearance to auto-contact the test piece, securely clamping and following the test surface during measurement for absolute accuracy.

Inaccessible area
are simple test point thanks to Affri system head with absolute accuracy

Conforms to ISO 6508 standards
Dwell time, test cycle, hardness scale and data file for storage of results are all programmable directly via the coloured touch screen for ease of use and clear presentation.
Test loads programmable by keyboard from 29,42 to 1839 N

USB or Bluetooth connection
to output data to external PC, printer or network

  •    BALTIMORA including Automatic adjustment of the head’s quote depending on the size of the test piece even in case of bending of 50 mm or on unstable or oiled surface

  •    Compact head to access into the inner test piece’s bodies

  •    Motorized head stroke until 500 mm

  •    Pressing a single start button, the head moves down to take contact with the sample’s surface and to perform the measuring cycle

  •    Mobile clamping piece with tracking of the sample

  •    BALTIMORA automatically compensates any failure or bending during the measurement

  •    Absolute and accurate hardness measurements on all operating conditions, even on oiled or deflecting surface

  •    Large and strong work area able to support larges pieces until 2000 kg

  •    BALTIMORA is an advanced load cell and closed loop hardness tester system

Technical characteristics:
Preloac                   (10 Kgf) 98.07 N - (3 Kgf) 29.4 N
Rockwell loads         (10 60 100 150 Kgf) 98.10 588.60 981 1471.50 N
SuperRockwell loads (3 15 30 45 Kgf) 29.43 147.15 294.30 441.45 N
Brinell loads             (5 6.25 10 15.6 25 30 31.2 62.5 125 187.5 Kgf - on request extra 250 Kgf)
                              49.05 61.3 98.1 153.23 245 294.43 306.5 613 1226 1839 N (on request 2452)
Vickers Knoop loads  (3 5 10 15 20 30 60 100 Kgf) 29.43 49.05 98.1 147.15 196 294.3 588.6 981 N
Optional test loads    49 132 358 961 N (for plastic, rubber as per EN-ISO 2039 std) (250 Kgf) 2452.5 N Brinell
Shore                      A - B - C - D
Accuracy                  Conformation standards EN-ISO 6506-2 / 6507-2 / 6508-2 /
                               ASTM-E18-08 - EN-ISO 2039 / JIS
Feasible tests            Rockwell HRC A D B F G L M R Brinell HB 30, HB 10, HB 5, HB 2.5; Break Nmm2
Twin                         Superficial Rockwell HRN+HRT    EN-ISO 2039
Mode of operation     automatic with load cell and closed loop Affri patent
Action                       Only one start input moves down head to reach and clamp the test surface from distance
                               multiple of 50 mm and automatically starts the hardness cycle in automatic succession
                               without breaking a phase: approach to the piece; clamping of the piece; activation of
                               reference surface; entire test cycle performance and release of piece
Self clamping            200
÷ 4000N
Automatic compensation of deflection piece from 0 to 400 mm
Operativity it can work if not levelled, inclined or near to vibration area, without loosing accuracy
Temperature range    + 5° to + 50° C
Digital reading           Rockwell - Brinell (Vickers conversion)
Resolution:                0.1 HR - 0.1HB ( 0.01 HR unit, at request)
Floating head            from 0 to 500 mm without break including test cycle
Total height              capacity 500 mm (more upon request) motorized
Total depth               capacity 200 mm
Dimension of base     330x390 mm
Max load of test piece 2000 Kg
Power supply            220V 50w60Hz-200VA
Fields of application:  For all metals: iron, steel, tempered steel, brass, aluminium and nitriding,
                               cementation, hard facing, plastics
Net weight                200 Kg
Packing weight          250 Kg
Packing measurements 100x100xH200

Physical Test & Measurement Equipment
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