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Process & Quality Control

250 DRM

Hardness Testers > Benchtop > Digital, Automatic Motorized



Absolute measure
- Unrivalled accuracy with no misalignment and/or anomalous shoves
- All operations are fully automatically started up through only one drive
- It meets all laboratory requirements
- Full operation even in presence of vibrations, sudden changes in temperature or dusty environment

Unparalleled accuracy,repeatibility and reproducibility in all test conditions (0,1 HRC) which can be checked in operation condition
- Survey of load and indenter penetration in axis, in order to obtain an absolute hardness measure
- Graphical lighted display with high contrast to obtain clear, rapid and accurate readings. Icons facilitate the operator in identifying software functions.
- Signal for test cycle end that facilitate the operator
- The operator can automatically select test load and measure scale only though a button
- Simultaneous conversion different scales (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and in N mm2 resistance)

High resolution of measure 0.1 HRC or 0.01 HRC
on demand
- Fully conform to ASTM E 18, UNI EN ISO 10109 norms
- Reversibility from automatic to semiautomatic for single test.

2 years full warranty
in order to assure high technological level it contains
- Wide range of accessories in order to hold piece of every shape

Automatic control and selection of pre-loads and loads through a software in closed-ring and with load cell
- Effective statistics software incorporated with connection to printer or computer in order to supply: diagram, graph, tests list, average, standard deviation, cp, cpk.
- The instrument and its controls are ergonomically provided with security devices according to CE norms
- Software includes setting in three selection classes in order to simplify the insertion of the instrument in an automatic working line
- Programmable test load, division 0.1 second
- Automatic correction of measure on round surfaces


- Automatic load application and selection
- Load cell in closed loop AFFRI patent
- Rapid functioning with indenter touch
- High precision and rapidity of measurement
- High division (0.1 micron mm)
- Large and graphical display, with different functions and light back
- Every environmental condition is tolerated in presence of dust, vibration, changes in temperature
- Wide software functions, information guide and Windows icons
- Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell tests for every scale and immediate conversions
- Statistics and connection to printer with diagrams and graphs
- Unaltered operation even in extreme conditions: irregular pieces, unfinished pieces, piece that are raised or misaligned, presence of impurity (dust, oil, etc.) between the piece to be tested and the support or between the support and the point of support
- Optional equipment: interlocks for rapid tests with selection for large series (bearings, shafts, forged pieces, semifinished pieces, finished odds and ends, etc.)
- Endowed with all requirements of certificability according to UNI EN ISO 10109 ASTM E 18 norms
- Supplied with certificates on primary SIT samples.

1 HRC diamond indenter
1 HRB ball indenter Ø 1/16”
1 HRC-N test block
1 HRB-T test block
1 V flat anvil 60 mm diameter
1 flat anvil 60 mm diameter
1 double face spot anvil v and flat
25 mm diameter
1Wooden case with tools
1 Test certificate and warranty
1 Tables for hardness conversion
1 Dust cover

- Brinell hard metal ball indenter Ø 1 - 2,5 - 5 mm
- Brinell hard metal ball indenter Ø 1/2”-1/4”-1/8” for plastics
- Brinell test block
- Vickers diamond 136° indenter
- Vickers test block
- Microscope with illumination
- 80 column printer with input RS 232 C
- Computer for data processing
- Personalized programs for results measures can be supplied
- Clamping of piece

How to use: Acting the hand wheel on the base will be performed indenter approach to the test block and in few seconds the result will appear.
Force: the test force is selected and applied through load cell inside directly connected to the indenter axis and closed loop control inside. Accuracy conforms to ISO-JIS  standards.
Performance: it can be utilised by everybody in a simple action
- no need to be levelled when installed
- can work also near to vibration

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