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206 MX-206MXS

Hardness Testers > Benchtop > Digital, Automatic Motorized

AFFRI 206 MX - 206 MXS

Motorized Hardness Tester
- Performs Rockwell Tests

Advanced Affri technology inside offers modern solutions
- The force is created by a dynamometer without requiring oil, shock absorbers and without dead weight as in the obsolete systems of many competitors.
- AFFRI Dynamometer System permits the operator to use the machine with highly accurate results and repetability even if the machine is unlevel, inclined or near the vibration area; The hardness tester can operate very well directly near the work machine controlling only the production in real time.
- Friendly and very easy software permits the storing of results, calculates averages and connects the MX to a printer or a PC to transmit data stored.
- Set of anvils permits easy tests on round or flat surfaces
- Also special accessories can be manufactured to easily test various sizes of test piece

How to use: Acting the hand wheel on the base will be performed indenter approach to the test block and in few seconds the result will appear.
Force: the test force is selected and applied through load cell inside directly connected to the indenter axis and closed loop control inside. Accuracy conforms to ISO-JIS standards.
Performance: it can be utilised by everybody in a simple action
- no need to be levelled when installed
- can work also near to vibration

Standard accessories
1 “V” anvil Ø60
1 Flat anvil Ø60
1 Combined spot anvil for small round flat pieces
1 Wooden case
1 Calibration certificate
1 Warranty certificate
1 Hardness conversion table
1 Dust Cover
Standard for 206 MX
1 HRC diamond penetrator
1 HRB ball penetrator Ø1/16”
1 HRB test block
1 HRC test block
Standard for 206 MXS
1 HRN Diamond penetrator
1 HRT ball penetrator Ø1/16”
1 HR30N test block
1 HR30T test block

On request

- Printer 20 coloumn with input RS232C
- AFFRI-STATstatistic programs
- Computer for statistic program
- Vickers penetrator 136°
- Vickers test block
- Microscope1216A Model for Vickers measures
- Brinell loads
- Brinell test block
- Brinell indenter1mm
- Brinell indenter 2,5mm
- Large flat anvil 140mmØ
- Data output in standard RS 232 C
- Special penetrator art. 604 for testing insides of tubes

On request for 206 MX

- Rocwell ball penetrator WØ1/4” - 1/8” mm
- Brinell ball penetrator W Ø 5-2,5mm
- Brinell automatic program: HBT 2,5/62,5 - HBT 5/125 - HBT 2,5/18.5
- Brinell indenter 5mm

On request for 206 MXS

- Brinell ball penetrator W Ø1-5-2,5mm
- Brinell automatic program: HBT 2,5/15, 625 - HBT 2,5/31,25

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